Jesus Scandal Madonna's besotted

Madonnas toy-boy lover has been hiding a sleazy secret- he starred in a porn film just weeks before they met.  Brazilian model JESUS LUZ plays a jilted drunken boyfriend in the sizzling cable telly movie in which three hot babes act our viewers fantasies

The news brok as Madge was spotted looking stressed, emotional and very much her 50 years following a meeting with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

The pop queen has been in Britain since Christmas eve when she handed over sons Rocco, eight, and David Banda, 3 to Guy, 40.
She and Guy Attended a Kabbalah Meeting in London together but onlookers said they had minimum communication and were frosty towards each other.

And Madonna looked haggard when she popped out for dinner at london's Locanda restaurant with pals, Gwen Paltro and Chris Martin.

The Vogue
singer’s mood is unlikely to have improved after the porn revelation
about new flame Jesus, who pals say has got her “besotted”.

young model guest-starred in an episode of a late-night Brazilian TV
series in which a trio of actresses bring to life sex tales sent in by

Jesus, 20, plays Diogo, who is taken to a house party by his girlfriend but passes out on a chair after drinking too much.

Once the party ends, his randy girlfriend starts flirting with another man. 

She tries to raise Diogo and takes his top off, with the intention of having a threesome.

when he doesn’t come to, the frustrated girl has sex with the other man
in front of him. With his toned torso on show, Jesus wakes up but his
character is too drunk to make out what is happening.

It’s a world away from the man who has apparently won the love of one of the world’s biggest stars.

Director of the show Candé Salles said: “He acted very well. He is excellent.”


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