Madonna Adopting?

A divorce from Guy Ritchie isn't stopping the Material Mom from fulfilling her dream of adding another child to her family.

Madonna has already signed papers for a girl, according to a longtime
pal. "She's hoping to bring the toddler home by early next year."

According to British reports, Madonna will fly to Malawi with her new beau, Alex Rodriguez, to pick up 4-year-old Mercy James, whose grandparents are too poor to care for her.

"It breaks our hearts to know she will leave us, but adoption is best for her," Mercy's grandfather, Saxon Maunde, said.

As Star reported, the Sherlock Holmes director had been dead-set against another child, especially after the couple caught a lot of flack for adopting son David, whose father is still alive.

Adding to the controversy: Until Madge adopted David, Malawi had not permitted foreign adoptions. Madonna has since moved back to New York City with son Rocco, 8, and daughter Lourdes, 12.


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