Madonna Gives $2.6 Million to Kabbalah

was very charitable in 2007. According to newly available tax filings
for her Ray of Light Foundation, the ex Mrs. Ritchie gave away $3.1
million last year. Nearly all of it went to the Kabbalah Center of Los

In hard numbers, Madonna really showed
her devotion to the group — a total of $2,626,529 to the Kabbalah
Center itself and another $4,025 to the group’s offshoot, Spirituality
for Kids. The latter likely represents her promised donation from
royalties from her children’s books.

other donations of note include $250,000 to Mobilization Against AIDS —
notable because in 2008 she stumped for another AIDS fundraiser, AmFAR.
She gave $15,000 to the recording industry’s pet charity, the TJ
Martell Foundation for Leukemia and Cancer Research.

also gave money to All Saints Church in Pasadena, Calif., and to Los
Angeles Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters. There were several smaller
donations to left field health organizations, none to groups like the
Red Cross, Save the Children, or even Doctors Without Borders. She also
gave almost $23,000 to a group that sets up playgrounds in Russia.

fox news

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