NY Magazine: Madonna Supposedly Dating One of the Hotties From Her W Shoot

We previously brought you shirtless pictures of a couple of the nubile young Brazilian male models Madge is appearing with in her upcoming W spread, shot by Steven Klein. The Telegraph says she's "dating" one, 20-year-old Jesus Luz. Made in Brazil reports:

The phones at 40 Graus Models have not stopped ringing
since Madonna left the country. Jesus Luz has quickly become one [of]
the most requested boys for the shows in Rio in January. Brazilian
labels have been trying to cast him before his rate of R$400 a show
goes up.
So not only is he hot, he's also a cheap date … for now, at least.
Steven Klein reportedly arranged for Jesus to be Madonna's New Year's
date. It all might be hard to believe (okay, not really), but the owner
of 40 Graus Models says Jesus is already in London. God, it's times
like these we love Madonna.

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Score one for Madge. I fully support anyone's effort to tap some young (but legal), virile, hot ass.

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