Brand New Icon Contest - "My Madonna Shrine"

Madonna posters, books, CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, VHS tapes, magazines, promotional items, stickers, photos, tour merchandise, scrapbooks, self-made collages, paintings, t-shirts, calendars…

At least one or more of the above items is part of an Iconer's room, house, flat, life! Yes, we are talking about the Madonna memorabilia you've bought or made years ago or more recently but that is part of your life as a Madonna fan. You know, those things you will ask for the firemen to help you getting out of the house even before wondering if you have a valid household insurance! 

Well, Icon would like to pay tribute to your life as a Madonna fan by giving you a chance to share your favourite Madonna treasures with other fellow Iconers! No matter how impressive your Madonna collection looks, the only thing that really counts here is for you to take a picture of your favourite Madonna items and to e-mail it to us before April 27th, 2009. 

It can be a picture of just a few items or of your whole collection, you can pose or not be featured in it at all -- you decide! The only thing you need to keep on mind while taking this picture is: 

1) The submissions we receive will be posted to a photo gallery and 
2) All of the Iconers will be able to vote for the picture they loved the most!

The 3 most-voted photos will printed on photo quality stock paper, featuring the "The Official Madonna Fan Club – "Best Madonna Shrine" Photo Contest Winner" mention, and will be personally signed by Madonna! Can you imagine that original and unique piece of Madonna memorabilia proudly hanging on one of your walls for your family and friends to see? 


* This contest is open to current Platinum members. 
* Iconers, stage your Madonna Shrine, and then take a digital photo. You may be in the photo, if you choose. 
* Photo file must be in JPEG format and no larger than 2MB in size to be considered a valid entry.
* One entry/photo per member. 
* Submit your entry to: 

EMAIL: icon@moov-u-mail.com
SUBJECT: My Madonna Shrine Contest

* Include your full member info: full name, username, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number. 
* Deadline for entries: Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time. 

All valid entries will be added to a "My Madonna Shrine" photo gallery in the EXCLUSIVES section of Madonna.com. Platinum members will then be able to vote for their favourite photo until Monday, May 18, 2009. 

Good luck to you all!

Click here for detailed contest rules



email: Madonnasworld@gmail.com
Website: www.madonnasworld.com