Ex Chef Eric Ienco, latest dish leaves a bad taste

Our news desk sent us this juicy tidbit from Eric Ienco, who once worked for Madonna as her chef and house manager.  Ienco may have an axe to grind, of course, but he claims the “Music”-maker deserved to have her latest Malawian adoption bid fall through — because she only spends about half an hour a day with her current kids.

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Madonna’s bid to adopt a second child from Malawi has been blasted by her former cook, who accuses the superstar of ignoring the three children she already has.

The Material Girl is currently mounting an appeal after a judge turned down her attempt to adopt three-year-old Mercy James from the African nation earlier this month.

But Eric Ienco, who once worked for Madonna as her cook and house manager ["for eight months, for whatever that's worth" -- ed.], claims the 50-year-old star should spend more time with her three kids Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and adopted three-year-old David, instead of dedicating all her spare time to keeping fit.

Ienco tells the National Enquirer, “When she’s with the children, she is a devoted mum. She just doesn’t spend much time with them.

“It’s a puzzle why she wants to adopt again. She’s hardly ever with her children. She’s got two full-time nannies and one part-time nanny. So why adopt a kid when somebody else is raising them?

“She gets up and has a coffee, then she does two hours of yoga. Then there’s two hours of pilates and exercise. That’s six days a week. After that she deals with her email, her calls and the rest of her business. And after that, she spends maybe half an hour with the kids.

“Madonna puts herself before the kids. When she adopted little David, he arrived at her home from Africa, and three hours later, she left to do pilates. Wouldn’t you think she’d want to spend the entire day with her new son?”

He also blames David’s adoption in 2006 for wrecking Madonna’s marriage to director Guy Ritchie, whom she divorced last year. Ienco adds, “Madonna thought [David] would bring them together, but Guy was dead against adopting, so, for the marriage, it was the final nail in the coffin.”

Well, 1) it’s the Enquirer and 2) Ienco is writing a book, so grains of salt abound here, but while Ienco is perhaps not the most reliable source, these  “revelations” aren’t anything we hadn’t sort of somewhat assumed.  Madonna is an empire-builder; it’s not a 9-to-5 job.  A lot of moms can’t spend much time with their kids, and he does admit she’s devoted, so…who knows.