Former nanny praises Madonnas mothering skills on aussie tv

This morning, the papers carried news that Madonna was unflinching in her determination tooverturn a court ruling and adopt young Mercy James from the Malawi orphanage where she's been living for most of her childhood. "I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and health care possible," Madonna said in an e-mail to a local newspaper, adding that she hoped that one day her son David Banda and Mercy would be able to return to Malawi together to help other orphans. Later today, an impeccably timed Australian interview with Madonna's former nanny Angela Jacobson aired in Australia. The nanny — who, it was rumored, was fired over comments she made about the singer on her Facebook page — gave the Material Mom glowing reviews. "It would have been a wonderful opportunity for the other little girl. She would have been well taken care of," Jacobsen lamented. "It was a loving family." According to the former nanny (who was replaced by a French-speaking au pair when David started taking the language in school), everyone in the household ate a kosher, macrobiotic diet (no salt, no sugar), and the children weren't allowed to ever touch food from McDonald's.

There were no TVs or newspapers in the house, but the children entertained themselves in other ways. Madonna was a "fantastic mother; loving, caring, spent lots of time with the children. I mean, hardworking, but fantastic." Now, even though all of this is very positive, we imagine the confidentiality agreement the nanny signed in order to work with the pop icon was pretty ironclad. Either she's cruising for a bruising in court with this, or she's got permission from Madonna at the moment to let slip what a great mom she is. We'd believe both.

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