Guy Ritchie buys mansion next to Madonnas

Movie-maker Guy Ritchie has bought a house 200 yards away from his ex-wife's mansion in London.

It is reported that Ritchie paid a fortune for his new four-storey home, just to be close to his two sons Rocco, six and adopted David, three, when they return to the UK.

Madge, 50, who kept the £15 million family home in Marylebone when they divorced at the end of last year, is said to be happy with the move. The Queen of Pop wants him to be as close as possible for the sake of their sons.

One close friend even revealed: 'Madonna and Guy are getting on better than they have in years.'  Guy was said to be a rock for the superstar when she was devastated at losing her battle to adopt Malawi orphan Mercy.

Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder, as Guy was reported to have even joked with the singer about her new Brazilian toyboy, Jesus Luz's, limited English: 'Blimey, no wonder the whole thing works so perfectly,' he quipped.


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