Jesus Moves in!

That's what the chisme in the street is saying! Apparently, now that the Brazilian man/child is back with his piece of sugar mama jerky, neither one of them is trying to take things slow, as Jesus has reportedly moved into Madge's big baller digs in New York City.

According to a source close to these two:

"Jesus has left his old life and his old world behind. His whole world has turned on its head since meeting Madonna. A few months ago, he was living at his mom's place in one of the poorest cities in the world. Now he's got his feet under the table in a massive mansion block overlooking Central Park. And he's on the books of the biggest modelling agency in the world. Madonna has changed too. She's mellowed into a completely different person than the one who as married to Guy Ritchie. She never used to like cooking but now she has really gotten into it. They laugh a lot and enjoy staying in."


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