Madonna denies the story about giving guys the boys

Looks like pop superstarMadonna isn't too happy about a report in UK tabloid The Sun that claims she and ex-husband Guy Ritchie have reached a deal that would give him the kids for three months this summer while she's off on her extended concert tour.

And what does a celebrity of Madge's stature do in this day and age? Heads straight to Twitter.com, of course...

Using the account of her close friend and business partner Guy Oseary, Madonna struck out, not atThe Sun, but at Perez Hilton, who wrote about the story on his site.

"@perez hilton what is this rubbish about me dumping my children off for the summer while Im on tour? They go where i go. -M"

Perez quickly responded by posting her denial. And rather than be upset for being called out or try to pick a fight with the singer, he wrote, "Madonna talked to us! AGAIN! We still do a happy dance every time!"


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