Madonna is an incredible Mother

Sent to madonnasworld Annonymously:

I am a Kabbalah centre student...I saw Esther repeatedly at the centre
over Pessah...as i have done for six years....she is an incredible
mother whos light shines even brighter when she is with her kids...she
chats to Lourdes like a best friend, she is a solid mum to Rocco and an
angel to David...bad mother - no chance!
The report from germany says she is depressed and struggles to keep her
mood in public - nonsense - as usual she showed me and her other
friends a smile, throughout the time she laughed with Lourdes (and her
young friends)- but Esther also kept her concentration during important
spiritual connections - she is in good form...if she is not excercising
for a bit then maybe she is giving herself a break - as for the food
and lost weight - trust me sexy doesn't begin to describe her..Em's
moods are more refined & elevated than most could ever understand.