Madonnas former chef says that the National Enquirer got it all wrong

Eric Ienco website 
After returning home from my holiday trip, I was shocked, appalled and embarrassed to read that I have been bad-mouthing Madonna and her recent adoption in the tabloids/press. 

I just want to set the record straight and say that I have never called Madonna an unfit mother, nor have I said she only spends 30 minutes in a day with her children. Saying that I also said that Guy Ritchie did not want to adopt another child with Madonna because of this is also false. 

I stand by my opinion that Madonna is a devoted mother to her children and I find it very poor in taste to ever bad-mouth a former employee to the press. It is unfortunate that my positive views on Madonna, her recent adoption and her parenting skills have been besmirched to grab a few headlines and I hope this sets the record straight. 

I wish Madonna the very best with her adoption and future endeavors.

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