Madonnas still caring for Mercy from afar

Madonna is still caring for Malawian orphan Mercy James — three weeks after her bid to adopt the tot was rejected by a Malawian judge.

Well, kind of — Mercy, at Madonna's request, is holed up at posh hotel; and has a nanny and nurse looking after her around the clock.

Mercy is 250 miles away at Kumbali Lodge where the pop queen, 50 - who has an adopted Malawian son - stayed early this month.

A source said: "During her farewell party at the lodge, Madonna instructed a nurse and a nanny to remain behind and care for Mercy while her lawyers appeal." That hearing will be held in the African state on May 4.

Consent to let Mercy stay at the lodge till then was given by relatives and orphanage director Anne Chikhwaza, who were at the party.

Mrs Chikhwaza said: "As Mercy's legal guardian, I authorize where she goes.

"She is staying with Madonna's people as a visitor. There is nothing wrong with that."--


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