marc jacobs confirms Madonna on guest list

Marc Jacobs' Dates, Revealed!

And not only the darlings he's taking to the Costume Institute Gala...Is that wedding bells we hear?...
Thursday, April 30, 2009

(NEW YORK) At the Parsons Fashion Benefit last night, alum Marc Jacobs was in high spirits, and not only because he's eagerly awaiting Monday night's Costume Institute gala, which he will host alongside muse Kate Moss. As for his illustrious table? It's going to be full of good friends. "Madonna...Victoria Beckham...I'm trying to think, now I can't remember!" Jacobs told The Daily. "Anne Hathaway...Winona [Ryder]...Rachel Feinstein, John Currin...and Rihanna!" 

Jacobs' dapper fiance Lorenzo Martone spilled a few other dates. The couple is expecting to wed in Provincetown, Massachusetts, one of their favorite vacation spots where Jacobs opened a store at 184 Commercial Street in 2007. "Yes, [the wedding will happen] in the summer--in June, even before summer!" Martone said. "And then [we'll have] a party in December in St. Barths." The Daily sends its love...

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