Tracy Andersons Gym to open in 1 month

Gwyneth Paltrow and her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson — who also whips Madonna into ridiculously buff shape — are set to open their TriBeCa studio in just four weeks.

But membership to the studio, located at 408 Greenwich St., comes with a big price tag — $600 per month, which includes semi-private training sessions, unlimited classes and customized, rotating workout programs.

The cost is so hefty that the gossip mill recently targeted the ladies for cold-calling New Yorkers because they couldn't find members.

"That is so not me," Anderson told us. What really happened? Studio staffers called people who had expressed interest to invite them into the studio to learn more about joining, she said.

"Anybody we called to come to lectures called us," she said.

If you can't afford to drop six Benjamins every 30 days, pre-register for one of Anderson's three-hour master classes for $200 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square on Sunday.

Or, if that's too costly, follow Anderson's tips:

• "You've got to move your body six days a week. Madonna's a different kind of athlete, she does ridiculous shows. So even if it's 15 minutes a day, know you have to move your body and make a commitment to it."

• "Don't trend-hop."

• "Be consistent and smart with your exercise time. Make a commitment, be inspired by something and stick to it."

• "Set a time, set an appointment, get into a schedule."

• "Your workout needs to mean something to you."



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