Adam Lambert wants to do a duet with Madonna

It is official,  will team up with fellow "" season eight alum Allison Iraheta in a song called "Slow Ride". "Okay, I can confirm. Okay, yes, yes. [We're doing] 'Slow ride', what we did on the show," he says in an interview with OK! Magazine when asked about the truth of their duet rumor. 

During the same occasion, Adam also shares his interest to work with Madonna. He states, "I really want to work with Madonna It doesn't seem like a likely pairing, maybe, but I just think that she is so creative and has such vision and her career has been so long because she has been able to come up with something new and keep people guessing and push people's buttons. I like that she's relevant, she's always the next thing, she's always introducing us to the next wave of pop. I just think it would be an honor to work with her." 

Adam, furthermore, names 's "Whole Lotta Love" when it comes to his favorite song. "I got a big kick out of doing 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin. They're one of my all time favorite bands. Going into it, I was like wouldn't it be cool if I could sing a Zeppelin song? And they were like, 'It won't clear,' you know and we finally tried toward the end and it was great because the people who were members of Led Zeppelin, their kids were fans. That kind of helped out and worked out in my favor, I think," he explains. 

Adam Lambert will join American Idol Top 10 for a summer tour.  He and the other Idols will kick off the roadshow at Rose Garden in Portland on July 5. Most recently, he and  



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