Jesus Dad denies English tutor claims

In an interview with Brazil's Quem magazine, Luiz Heitor, the father of Madonna's boyfriend, flatly denied stories the pop star is paying $1,000 a week in English lessons for Jesus Luz - and that she controls his phone usage.

He said: 'Those stories are lies, made up when the press have no information. He already spoke English long before meeting her, when he lived with an aunt in the U.S.

In fact, he says even he has spoken to Madonna and she was very pleasant.

'We've already spoken on the phone, in French because I don't speak English fluently, and she seemed like a normal person,' he said.

'She is calm, feminine - I didn't feel any harshness. She was very polite.'

Meanwhile, it seems Jesus' career is definitely picking up. He has just done shoots for various international magazines and taken part in a fashion show in aid of HIV research.

Luz and Madonna are expected to have a "commitment center" at the Kabbalah Center as soon as this weekend, which Luz's dad says he will attend.

According to friends, as well as working he is getting DJing classes and working out two hours a day with a personal trainer in New York. Madonna reportedly puts in about twice that many hour in the gym every day.



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