Madonna caught fisherspooners show in brooklyn last night

" So how was last night's Music Hall of Williamsburg show, only the second on their tour for Entertainment, and the first of a stand that continues tonight at Webster Hall? Hardly rudimentary, my dear. Let's dispose first of the big news: Madonna was in attendance (hanging off of some man, Lourdes knows who).

Spooner, surely to her dismay, made Madonna's presence known — probably mischievously, as he also asked, seemingly with mock surprise, where she'd gone to once the set was over. (Madge ducked out after a few songs.) So what new material might she have gathered for her own live show? We were too busy attempting to move in rhythmic patterns to jot down any notes, but with four dancers (in a variety of often shiny costumes), two stand-up mirrors, two flat-screens, and a large video projection, the crew created an ultraenergetic, unapologetically arty, but resolutely playful stage show.

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