Bruno Talks Madonna

Bruno hit the red carpet in Leicester Square last night wearing a revealing Beefeater costume and made some typically controversial comments to MTV News.
In views that definitely have nothing to do with MTV he claimed Gordon Brown is gay and talked about Madonna's recent adoption.
In the movie Sacha Baron Cohen's fashion reporter alter ego journeys to America and adopts an African baby.

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After complimenting our girl Laura on her outfit the Camp Austrian star said: "Ich am trying to arrange some playdates with Mercy. At the moment I am really close with Madonna I actually know the Nanny's hairdresser. I actually blew him once- so it's only a matter of time before we start hanging out."
AND in another controversial comments the star continued: "Don't adopt a black baby now- because they are about to come out. Like they've been in for like twelve months. The next thing is Asians- those guys are hot hot hot."
Asked by Laura if it's now cool to be gay Bruno replied: "Gay is the new straight. Your Prime Minister- what is he called? Gordon Brown- he's the gayest guy I've ever seen in my life. Come Out! I mean what is she like?"


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