Exclusive: Jesus Studies Kabbalastic Meaning of the New Moon of Cancer

Jesus studies the Kabbalistic meaning of the New Moon of Cancer.

Jesus Luiz was at the London Kabbalah Centre on Monday night to listen to a lecture by highly respected Kabbalah teacher Eitan Yardeni. Jesus listened intently to the lecture which explained the specific cosmic openings and opportunites presented by the new Moon as he referred to the Kabbalah central work of reference - the Zohar - in addition to explanations by 20th C Kabbalah luminaries Rav Ashlag & Rav Brandwein. It is reported that there was a full house at the London Centre just of Oxford Street with most in attendance participating in a meditation with Karen Berg - one of first women to pave the way for the study of basic Kabbalistic principles to be openly taught to women. LIght refreshments were served and the atmosphere was friendly at the open house event. But if Kabbalah is all about explaining the mysteries of the universe - who can explain where M was - as Jesus had a stalwart member of the community - Moshe - accompanying him, with Madonna nowhere to be seen?


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