Madonna has an entourage full of divas

Is diva behaviour contagious, like swine flu and dance fever? It just might be, if you work for Madonna: the New York Post'sPage Six reports that Madge's vast army of dancers, roadies and techies are making life miserable for everyone at New York's Bryant Park Hotel.

"They are horrible," said Page Six's source, who described himself as a front-of-house employee. "We work with people in the fashion and entertainment industry all the time, a crowd that is notoriously difficult, but these guys are rude. They are presumptuous and cheap. Nearly every one of them have stiffed their bellman and servers, and what's worse is they have tons of stuff."

Sounds like someone's a little bitter he couldn't buy the fancy ramen this week.

Madonna's rep told the Post that the singer usually leaves a generous tip at the end of her stay, and a rep for the Bryant Park Hotel was quick to deny any ill will toward the pop superstar and her entourage.

"They are a polite group," said the spokesperson. "We are happy to have them stay with us."

Good move, Bryant Park Hotel. If there's anyone who can take you down, it's Madonna.


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