Madonna bribed daughter Lourdes not to smoke

Pop icon Madonna may portray the image of a hip, laidback mom, but she's actually strict with her kids. Madonna, 50, once reportedly caught her 12-year-old daugher Lourdessmoking and bribed her to never smoke again.

Cash for Cigarettes?

"Madonna was horrified when Lourdes admitted [she had tried smoking before] and she offered her a huge cash incentive to stay away from cigarettes," a source told Britain's Now magazine.

By now, Madonna's fitness fanaticism is well documented, as is her devotion to dieting, and it seems her obsession with health extends to her kids as well. And why not? Oftentimes, kids inadvertently become nicotine addicts as adults after experimenting with smoking as kids, so the sooner one can break (or prevent) the habit, the better.


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