Tiger Woods’ doc Tony Galea ‘treated Madonna too

Madonna and Tiger Woods have something in common. Sources say Her Madgesty was also a patient of Dr. Tony Galea, the Toronto sports-medicine specialist arrested in October after an underling was nabbed at the border with a bag containing human growth hormone, which is banned by most sports leagues. Madonna is said to have needed Galea's care after falling off her horse in the Hamptons last April. Woods reportedly was treated by Galea after his knee surgery last year. Madonna's longtime rep, Liz Rosenberg, told Page Six: "Information regarding Madonna's doctors has never been made available to me, but I knew that sooner or later the names Madonna and Tiger would be in a sentence and I'm delighted that it's sooner." A lawyer for Galea -- who's treated Mets Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado and Broncos quarterback Chris Simms -- denied he gave Woods any human growth hormone.



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