Madonna has put donors off giving money to Malawi kids' home, it's claimed

The orphanage where Madonna adopted Mercy James earlier this year is struggling to raise funds as donors are turned off by the pop star's involvement.

Organisers say potential benefactors wrongly believe that Madonna, 51, pledged thousands of pounds to the Kondananihome in Malawi.

A source said: "We find it a day-to-day struggle to survive. Some days we don't even know if there will be enough food to feed the babies.Donors are not giving because they are under the impression Madonna paid us vast amounts of her money."

He added that the Christianrun home wouldn't take her money anyway because of her links with Kabbalah.

Head of the orphanage Annie Chikhwaza said of Mercy's adoption: "I was never offered a penny. I did not expect any either."

Madonna also adopted David Banda from Malawi.


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