Madonna still hasn't forgiven ex-pal Rupert Everett

Washington (ANI): Pop singer Madonna's former pal Rupert Evertt has revealed that the singer has not forgiven him after he branded her an 'old whiny barmaid' and published intimate secrets of their friendship in his 2006 autobiography.
The actor befriended the 'Material Girl' hitmaker in 1985 when she first began dating Sean Penn and, in his memoir 'Red Carpets' and Other Banana Skin's, Everett admitted he was fascinated by her from their very first meeting. "She really didn't like it (the book). I think it is very affectionate, and certainly with her I was very careful to only write things that were," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

"But she felt it was an infringement of privacy... Goddesses like that are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it, so if anyone is to tell anyone anything about her it's got to be her," he added. Everett, who played the role of Madonna's gay best friend in 1999's The Next Best Thing, insists the singer has never forgiven him, adding, "Elephants don't forget... She doesn't trust me any more.

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