Madonna to buy more East End Property

Madonna is continuing to purchase property in the Hamptons, having just bought a $10 million horse farm from Calvin Klein's ex-wife, Kelly Klein. Due to building restrictions that came with the land, however, the singer is looking for a second piece of property to house her horse staff.

The "Material Girl" is now eyeing a four-bedroom farmhouse that is currently owned by Michael Minkoff, a friend of Gwyneth Paltrow. The property also boasts a pool, pool house and two barns, for a total cost of $4.4 million.
"While recent owners have been high profile, the horse farm operations have been low key," Benny Graboski, a Hamptons resident who once owned the land Madonna is eyeing, told the Easthampton Press. "The horses have been well taken care of and the barns and paddocks have been very well maintained."

"They have been very good neighbors and I'm sure that will carry on with Madonna," he added. "We welcome her to the neighborhood."

by RTT Staff Writer

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