Tom Ford denies waiting for Madonna

She was the surprise guest of honor Sunday night at the screening of Tom Ford's drama A Single Man at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But Madonna was late. Very late. And so, the film rolled without her in the audience.

"We were called at 7:30. And then we changed it to 7:45 and we let everyone know. We always intended to start at eight. And we actually started without Madonna," Ford told USA TODAY Monday. "She came in after the movie had started. She's a friend of mine and I wasn't going to hold the film for Madonna. We were not waiting for Madonna."

The superstar walked the carpet solo, posed for photos, and ran into the screening room. She also swung by the after-party at Monkey Bar, along with Anna Wintour and Courtney Love. As for Ford, he and his stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore ducked out of the screening for their own private party honoring Nicholas Hoult, who plays an amorous college student. "We ran off to celebrate Nick's birthday. He was turning 20," says Ford. link


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