Cyndi Lauper Applauds Madonna’s Tadpoling

At "Defying Inequality: the Broadway Concert for Equal Rights," the other night, nubile young New York intern Ross Urken asked Cyndi Lauper what she thought about Madonna's post-divorce flings with youthful boy toys like A-Rod and Jesus Luz, and Cyndi, who takes equal rights extremely seriously, set him straight. "What's your issue?" she demanded. "You know how many old geezers do you see with young women. What's the double standard? Who cares? You know, they're both adults. Who cares? What's good... Full Story

Madonna is giving Miley Cyrus tips on getting her voice “into the groove.”

The Material Girl

called Miley with some advice on treating strained vocal cords after a mutual friend told her that the Hannah Montana actress has been struggling with throat irritation during live performances.

Star Magazine writes:

“Madonna has had the same problem, and she lives for a special throat tonic called Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief.”


Liz smith gets support from Madonna after being Fired by NYPOSt

Well, I’m not “leaving” my spot here writing this column, so maybe it’s all right if I say a few words about what happened in the past few days. I have decided it is quite exhilarating to be fired, at the age of 86, from a job you’ve had for 14 years. Fortunately, I seem to be healthy so I’m forging ahead.

I liked hearing from my young friend Michael Bublé, who sang “Just the Way You Look Tonight” at my 80th birthday. We had a — believe it or not — very romantic dance that night … I also received a love note from the wonderful singer Josh Groban and loving support by e-mail from John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone. It was fun getting a blast from Madonna who asked, “What is New York without Liz Smith?” (Nice, but NYC doesn’t have to do without me yet, Madge) … My pal Candice Bergen sent me a cheerio message not appropriate for family reading and Whoopi Goldberg rang in from out of town. Barbara Walters had already chimed in. Then Tom Brokaw called to inquire after my situation. Oh, my word! 

To read the full story <-- click on the link

Guy calls Madonna It

Pals have revealed that Guy Ritchie refers to his ex-wife Madonna as 'It'.

It's been a week of insults for Madonna, as first-hubby Sean Penn snubbed her at the Oscars on Sunday and now Guy is sticking the knife in.

Sources say Ritchie started calling Madge 'It' even before their divorce, making comments like: "Oh, It's in a bad mood today', when talking about his wife.

The film director and the pop superstar divorced at the end of last year and sources claim there is absolutely no love lost between the pair.

The source said: "Even towards the end of their marriage, he would call her It. He told people, 'We can't make It angry'.

The couple are currently embroiled in a custody battle over their children, as Madonna wants them to live in the US while Guy hopes they stay in Britain.

Madonna has won temporarily custody but a US court hearing is scheduled for next month.

We've put together a gallery of acrimonious celeb splits...



Davey Johnson on the U.S., A-Rod and Madonna

Davey Johnson was a bit brash as a major league manager. He would exude confidence in his team because he believed the players could back up his words. As the manager the United States in the World Baseball Classic, Johnson is still the same way.

When Johnson was asked on Thursday if Japan should be considered the team to beat because it is the defending champion, Johnson pointed to the Americans.

“I think the U.S. is the team to beat,” Johnson said. “I think we came in, a couple of years ago, not fully cognizant of the competition around the globe and how prepared they would be.”

Under Manager Buck Martinez, the United States lost to Mexico in the second round in 2006 and did not advance to the semifinals. Johnson said he felt “a lot of guys weren’t really ready to play” because the timing of the tournament caught them off guard. Johnson said the embarrassing loss has stuck “in the minds of a lot of guys and they don’t want to see that happen.”

Alex Rodriguez, who played third base for the United States, will now be trying to beat the Americans since he switched to the Dominican Republic for this event. Johnson said he learned about Rodriguez’s decision by reading about it.

“It’s not like there’s a huge drop-off,” Johnson said. “Chipper Jones and David Wright, I’m tickled to have those guys. That’s his preference and his choice. I respect that and that’s fine.”

A few seconds later, Johnson jokingly added an unsolicited comment about A-Rod.

“The only thing I was upset about Alex not being on our club is I was a Madonna fan,” Johnson said. “I was hoping she would show up.”


Gwyneth on Best Pal Madonna

What could homebody Hollywood mom Gwyneth Paltrow have in common with the ever-controversial Madonna? Well, Mrs. Chris Martin herself explains to OK! that what bonds her to best bud Madge is the Material Girl's ability to always pull through, even in the darkest times.

“She’s been through everything. And she’s a real survivor," Gwyneth told OK! at Wednesday night's gala charity event for Bent On Learning. "Every problem that I’ve had, she’s had ten problems worse that dwarf my problems."

The two stars have been close friends for a decade, with Paltrow publicly supporting Madonna through her break-up with former husband Guy Ritchie, and the ensuing romance with then-married baseball hotshot Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez.

"She’s a very interested, caring woman," Gwyneth says about her pop star pal. "She’s pretty great. She’s Madonna and she comes with all this stuff but she’s pretty incredible.”

source: OK!


Parcour performer talks about working with Madonna

SEBASTIEN Foucan is the founder of freerunning- the spectacular physical discipline he showcased in the opening scenes of Casino Royale and in Madonna’s Jump video and Confessions tour. Foucan grew up in Lisses, Ile-de-France, where he started to explore movement skills with his friends.

What was it like working with Madonna in the Jump video and her Confessions tour?

It was an amazing privilege and really challenging in many ways, Madonna is a strong person who has been through a lot of incredible experiences in her life and it is always interesting to work with such a person.
to read the full interview

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Filth & Wisdom to be screened in Milan

  Madonna's "Filth & Wisdom" will be screened at Milan female film festival Sguardi Altrove, which starts on March 3.

The screening of Madonna movie is planned for March 6 at 10:30 pm at Spazio Oberdan.

Entry with the Sguardi Altrove card is priced 3 €. You can subscribe to the Sguardi Altrove card directly at the cinema and it is for all the screenings of this year festival (3-8 March).

A calendar of the screenings will be posted

source drownedmadonna

Eric Jaos experience on Madonnas sticky and Sweet tour

Eric Jao, spinning as DJ Enferno, will manipulate the crowd Friday at Pangaea. The D.C.-bred spinner, 33, recently finished playing a key role in Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour." (He was discovered at an Orlando club by her music director, Kevin Antunes.) During his debut with the hard-driving pop star, Jao didn't just show off his turntable tricks; he was asked to help remix some of Madonna's classic songs. Pretty cool by any standard.

We talked to Jao by phone. He sounded more like a serious, conservatory-trained composer or performer than your average DJ.

Americen-Statesman: So working with Madonna ? sticky or sweet?

Eric Jao: It was definitely sweet. Actually, it was an epic experience. It spanned a period of eight months, four months longer than the actual tour, including rehearsals and promotional tour.

Big change in your life?

Before that, I was doing all right with my own solo work. It's a big change playing in a club environment for a couple thousand people, then being on stage - with the band the entire time - and with the biggest star in the world, performing for 75,000 people. It's a different type of animal. At the beginning, there was the shock factor. I couldn't believe I was there. Once I was there, I realized I'm working among the best at whatever it is they do - drummer, keyboard player, staff member, accounting. ? On one hand, it made me feel comfortable, but since it was my first experience of this type, I thought "I hope I can live up to what everyone else is doing." Eventually, I started to really realize I belonged here. Until you actually do that, you never know.

But you did more than that ?

After the promo tour, another part of me was tested. Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, was on phone saying: "We want to keep getting your input on the creative process."

What do you think Madonna was listening for?

She never said exactly what she wanted. She just said: "Keep talking, we want your input. Work directly with Kevin (Antunes)." I went from doing something performance-based, then I had this added responsibility of doing something creative, something vital to the flow of the show. I don't do that for a living, so for her to see me in that role, it was a big deal.

So tell me a little about your live remix techniques.

A DJ plays music with two turntables and mixer. They can be used like instruments. The crowd will either like it or not like it. With the live remix, I am adding different performance elements; I'm using a keyboard at the same time, for instance. There's the layer of live music, then another layer on top of that, and another on top of that.

What will you try to accomplish with the Pangaea crowd? Is it all planned, or do you respond to the audience's physical cues?

The Pangaea gig is my straight club set-up, not live remix. These are never planned out and are always based on give-and-take between myself and the audience. You learn you're not there to shove music down people's throats, but you're also not there to play jukebox. If you do it right, you can control the crowd, sure. Music touches on so many emotions, especially if people are drinking. (Laughs.) It becomes a dance between the DJ and the crowd. You can take them on a ride, take them to places they've never been.

I ask every DJ this: Short or long tracks?

It's a matter of what's relevant at the time. Sometimes it's right to just play snippets, or mix quickly, or to give the audience a quick adrenaline boost. But then you just don't cut them off. You have to know when to let it go, to let the song take its course. Still, nothing works all night. You have to watch the crowd and feel it out and know if you've gone too far. You can get the audience to listen to something they didn't want to listen to in the first place, and you can see it in their faces: "Hey, I'm really getting into that."

source: KEYBOARD magazine

Madonna & Jesus: The Red String Diaries

E! news:

It appears Madonna is making good on reports that she’s gotten her 22-year-old Brazilian pal, Jesus Luz, hooked on Kabbalah.

The hottie model was spotted attending services with Madge Saturday morning at the Kabbalah Center on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.

I’m told he got along quite well with Madonna’s kids. “He was playing around more with Rocco than paying attention to Madonna,” a source reports.

The Madonna-Jesus Hollywood tour started on Thursday night at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, where they appeared quite close and cuddly but not exactly romantic.

While Luz was nowhere to be found when a solo Madonna hit the Vanity Fair party on Sunday night, they were later seen (as I first reported) locking lips at her second annual VIP-only Oscar soiree she hosted with Demi Moore and Guy Oseary.

“They weren’t making out, but just a kissing a little bit,” a source explained.

Then on Monday, the two were back at the center, says another source, to mark “the new moon in Pisces."

Sources down in Brazil still insist there’s nothing more than a friendship going on between the two. “I’m sure Madonna is laughing about it,” another source said. “It’s not like they’ve ever confirmed they were dating.”

Madonna's camp also says this is no steamy love affair. "Clichéd as it sounds, they're really just friends," her rep tells me. "I know it doesn't make for a juicy story, but it's the truth."

The two met through photographer Steven Klein when Luz was featured in a photo spread Klein shot of Madonna for W magazine in Rio de Janeiro.

Prior to landing on the West Coast, Madonna and Luz also attended Kabbalah services in New York City.

So what do you think: Is it a love match or just a May-December friendship?


Sticky and Sweet Tour Part 2 to have new costumes!

What's up next for you?
I designed the costumes for Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, which is forthcoming this fall. Right now I'm helping refurbish and create some new looks for Madonna's summer tour extension and I'm getting ready to attend the women's collections in Paris.

extracted from the Arianne Phillips Interview from W magazine

email: Madonnasworld@gmail.com
Website: www.madonnasworld.com

W magazine interviews Arianne Phillips on Madonnas latest shoot

Costume designer Arianne Phillips, the stylist behind "Blame it on Rio," has been collaborating with Madonna for more than a decade, from the star's geisha-inspired period to her Patty Hearst look for American Life. Phillips, who also masterminded the clothing for Madonna's two previous epic photo portfolios for W (2003's "Madonna Unbound" and 2006's "Madonna Rides Again"), talked to us about the looks she chose for their latest collaboration.

The black zippered dress is so prominent in the story. What made you choose it and what did its designer (Victoria Beckham) have to do with it, if anything?
I initially chose this dress for the classic 50s-60s slim silhouette, which was what I was after for our story. I was also intrigued since it is from Beckham's debut collection -- I liked the "story" of one pop star to another. And I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the dress. The fabrication, details and fit are very well thought out.

Tell us about that graphic sequined dress. All the credit says is that it's vintage and from The Way We Wore, the vintage store in LA.
The dress is reminiscent of our initial inspiration for the shoot, the 1963 Jeanne Moreau film The Bay of Angels. It's from the select archives of Doris Raymond, the owner of The Way We Wore. Madonna had specifically requested I include some vintage 50s and early 60s garments to mix with the contemporary designer fashions, and Doris is my "go to" person for vintage. She has an amazing eye and unique sensitivity to vintage.

What are the sunglasses Madonna wears in so many of the shots?
I believe those are D&G. We loved them.

What's with the little lace gloves?
With styling I find it's always about balance -- not over accessorizing, while still being able to create a character. There was a finished, formal quality to the way women dressed in the 50s and 60s. Their outfits were complete with hat, gloves, jewelry and hosiery, and there was a modesty and femininity to the way women dressed. I found that the little lace gloves finished her character perfectly, as they're both demure and provocative.

What's up next for you?
I designed the costumes for Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, which is forthcoming this fall. Right now I'm helping refurbish and create some new looks for Madonna's summer tour extension and I'm getting ready to attend the women's collections in Paris.

CLICK HERE to see selections from Steven Klein's portfolio, "Blame it on Rio."

Portrait by Joemama Nitzberg

Rosie gets help from Madonna about Menopause

Madonna is helping Rosie O'Donnell deal with her menopause. The "4 Minutes" singer and the stand-up comedienne have been communicating via email and Rosie says the pop queen has been like a "big sister."

Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 when a woman's ovaries stop producing oestrogen and signals the end of menstruation.

Speaking on "The Tyra Banks Show," she said: "Madonna's great, she's a lot like a big sister. When I started having my hormone things, I'm like, 'What the hell is going on?' She's like, 'Get the cream.'"

Openly gay Rosie went to tell former model Tyra and the studio audience intimate details about how her body has been changing.

She said: "Well let me tell you one thing, Tyra, I am about to be 47 next month and 'Aunt Flow' has not shown up for nine months."

"It started for me at 41. I would be in the bed, and I would wake up and the sheets would be soaking wet. Not damp. Soaking wet. I thought, 'Oh my daughter Vivi crawled in here last night and maybe she wet the bed.'"

"So I would throw the covers off and turn to look - and there's no Vivi, it's just my partner Kelli. Then I'm like, 'Kelli is incontinent!' And then I realized, no it's me!


Slumdog children arrive late at post Oscar party, miss Madonna

 As the winning team of "Slumdog Millionaire" finally made it to the 'Vanity Fair' ball the children in the group were disappointed to learn that superstar Madonna had already left the party.

The cast members of the team were the last to enter the party at around 2 a m, having made the rounds of the other celebratory bashes including the one thrown by the producers of the film, Fox Searchlights and the Governor's Ball.

And young actor's Tanay Chedda and Ayush Khedekar were disappointed to know that superstars like Madonna and Mick Jagger had already left the party.

"Everywhere we go, everyone says Vanity Fair is the party to come to," a child actor said, while adding that they hope to make it in time next year to meet their idols.

The legendary Vanity Fair's Oscar party, which was held at the Sunset Tower Hotel, was attended by all the Oscar winners marking their presence at the biggest Oscar after party.

Oscar winners Sean Penn, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet partied amongst other A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, Robert De Niro, Reese Witherspoon, Will Smith and Jessica Biel. PTI


A Rod still hovering over Madonnas Plate


Alex Rodriguez is again flirting with Madonna via the idea of being her neighbor. Alex Rodriguez must be into Madonna again, because he's resumed his hunt for an apartment two blocks away.

source- gawker


Friday March 27th
@ The Bitter End
147 Bleeker St (between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York, New York 10002
$15 Admission/18 and over/9:00 PM Showtime

 (New York, N.Y.) Nicki Richards is many things: a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and performer whose long-awaited new album is simply titled “Nicki” - 17 songs for the 17 years she’s been away since her 1991 debut, “Naked (To the World)”. Over the past decade, Nicki has made a name for herself as an in-demand A-list session and touring singer for the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, Frankie Knuckles and the Reverend Al Green just to name just a few. It was while on the road with Madonna - singing backup with Donna DeLory (her voice can be heard on albums by Carly Simon, Laura Branigan, Belinda Carlisle and others) - that Nicki realized she missed the frontline more than she dared admit.
The album features guest stars including Grammy award winning Bassists Marcus Miller, Will Lee (best known for his work on the CBS Television program The Late Show with David Letterman as part of the CBS Orchestra) and Victor Bailey (who has recorded and/or toured with Weather Report, David Gilmour, Sting and more), pianist Joe Sample (virtuoso who founded The Crusaders and has played with Miles Davis, Eric Clapton and Steely Dan), horn players from national act Tower of Power, drummer Dennis Chambers (who has recorded and performed with the likes of Santana and Parliament/Funkadelic), Gregoire Maret on harmonica (some of his performing and recording credits include playing with Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Duke Ellington Orchestra & Meshell Ndegeocello), guitarists Ciro (musical director for Alejandro Sanz), Sherrod Barnes (who has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Roberta Flack and Angie Stone) and Monte Pittman, Madonna’s longtime guitarist.
Nicki has also enlisted singers including Lisa Fischer (backup vocalist with the Rolling Stones, Lut her Vandross, and currently on tour with Tina Turner), Cindy Mizelle (she has contributed her vocal talents to over 120 albums by artists such as Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion and Alicia Keys), Nicki’s mom Donna Blackmon, and Nicki’s co-producer, mentor and drummer, Lenny White (of Return to Forever and Twennynine fame).
Highlights of the record include “Check Yourself”, with the Tower of Power Horns, arranged by Tom “Bones” Malone and the spacey “Alpha Centauri”, which showcases Victor Bailey’s fretless bass. Other notable tracks include “Say the Words,” “In Bed” and “Happening to Me Again”. On a more serious note, the inspiration for the poigniant “Lawdy” came from her personal experience of when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Nicki had cousins, aunts and uncles who were all displaced, their houses destroyed, and lost her grandfather to illness caused by the devastating storm.
Now is the perfect time to see Nicki in action, on stage, up front where she was born to be.



Footage of Madonnas private party has leaked!

unfortunately, its of lindsay lohan dancing , inside guy osearys house,
hopefully we'll see something Madonna from the party soon

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Madonna wore millions in jewelry at the Oscar Parties

Speaking of being rich and shameless, OK! says that Madonna glammed it up at the Vanity Fair
post-Oscar party on Sunday, wearing millions of dollars in jewelry that
not only was excessive but, ehhh, didn't even look all that impressive.
Maybe that's the point; we don't know, look what we do for a living.

The mag says her Neil Lane jewelry included:

• A black and white diamond chain with 500 carats of the shiny stones

• A diamond bangle with 25 carats of diamonds and platinum

• An onyx and diamond bracelet with 50 carats of diamonds

• A pair of diamond pear shape earrings of 20 carats each

• A square diamond and onyx ring

And then she went and changed for her own private party (for which
we don't have photos, because it was, well, private), putting on a
cross and chain with 50 carats' worth of diamonds, $1 million diamond
earrings and a platinum and diamond ring. And while she planned for all
that Sunday, we were sifting through the paper's coupons for BOGO deals
on toilet paper. Take that, Madge!

source : OK magazine

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Sticky and Sweet Tour date added for ITALY

Icon is happy to confirm that Madonna will perform at Udine's Stadio Friuli on July 16th.

A devoted fan club pre sale will start on February 24th at 10am
LOCAL TIME for legacy members and at Noon LOCAL TIME for newer members.

Please note that the public ticket sale will start on February 26th.

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Madonnas Dress: Sheer Madness

Penn jibe at Madge

BEST Actor winner Sean Penn sniped at ex-wife Madonna when they met at an
after-show party.

Madonna, 50, praised 48-year-old Penn’s winning performance in Milk.

But Penn gestured at the singer’s new love, model Jesus Luz, 22, and said: Thanks. Another kid already?


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Madonna video from last night

Madonna Surprises Orphanage with Care Package

Talk about haute couture hand-me-downs.

Madonna recently sent boxes of clothes belonging to her 3-year-old son, David Banda, back to his former orphanage in Malawi.

The Home of Hope Orphanage Centre was a beehive of activity thanks to the arrival of the surprise package, labeled "from David Ritchie to friends at Home of Hope – Malawi." Included in the boxes were clothes, children's books – with autographed copies of Madonna's children's book, English Roses – and an assortment of toys.

"These are clothes David can no longer use; they say he is quite a big boy now so he cannot use most of the clothes Madonna bought him immediately after he was adopted," said a source close to the orphanage. "The children were excited to receive the clothes."

Friends Across the Globe

Lucy Chipeta, director of the orphanage, confirmed receiving a surprise package for the kids but would not confirm it came from Madonna. "We have lots of friends across the globe who send us stuff from time to time," she said.

Home of Hope, founded by retired Presbyterian cleric the Rev. Thom Chipeta, looks after about 500 orphans. David's farmer father, Yohane Banda, 33, surrendered his son to the orphanage in 2005, when the boy was one month old. David's mother, Marita, died of complications form childbirth a week after David was born.

Madonna found David at the orphanage through Raising Malawi, a charity the singer set up. Home of Hope is one of the six orphanages Madonna is assisting in Malawi through her charity.

source: PEOPLE magazine

Madonna called Seans Speech AMAZING

smoozing with gwen stefani

Despite reports that Madonna was set to debut her rumored new boyfriend and W magazine model, Jesus Luz, at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash on Sunday night, the singer walked the red carpet solo and spoke about a different man from her life – ex-husband Sean Penn.

Decked out in an elegant sheer black gown, Madonna posed for photographs alone at the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Sunset Tower Sunday night.

“Powerful speech by Sean tonight,” Access’ Tony Potts said to the singer on the red carpet.

“Yeah, amazing,” Madonna said of Sean Penn’s win for Best Actor for his work in “Milk.”

Though the Material Mom might not have had a date for the party, she kept manager and longtime friend Guy Oseary close by – along with a slew of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Madonna celebrated Hollywood’s big night with Sacha Baron Cohen, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Sheryl Crow, and Jerry Seinfeld.

The singer – and sometimes actress – was also spotted chatting with her former “League Of Their Own” director Penny Marshall.


Madonna roots for Sean and Slumdog

Madonnas unofficial Bouncer is Demi Moore

Madonna's post-Oscar party had a "super-select" guest list thanks to co-shot Demi Moore.

The Material Girl's close friend was on hand to police the hottest party in town, going as far as barring at least one A-lister from attending.

An insider reports, "Madonna's party could have been filled twice over.

"But the guest list was super select with Demi acting as a kind of unofficial bouncer. If Demi gave the word you were in, otherwise you had to go elsewhere.

"One major actress was not pleased at being shown the door - all because Demi knew Madonna had had a falling out with her years ago."


Madonna wows them at the Red Carpet last night

   A remarkably fresh-faced Madonna attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night - looking much younger than her 50 years.

The recently divorced star revealed a glowing complexion - just days after being photographed with red raw, angry-looking skin.

There had been speculation the mother-of-three had endured a beauty treatment ahead of the ceremony.

She picked a floor-length black gown which showed off her toned arms and wore her hair in a casually tousled mane.

And it certainly seems to have paid off - for Madonna looked even younger than she had at the Oscars two years ago.

The Like A Virgin singer attended with her husband at the time, Guy Ritchie, again opting for a floor-length black gown.

But the singer's face looked visibly more lined back then.

Madonna, who watched ex-husband Sean Penn pick up a gong for his performance in Milk, was perhaps making an extra effort to stand out in the wake of her divorce.

In her new pursuit of all things young, the star is now dating 22-year-old Jesus Luz.

Last week it emerged that details of her and Ritchie's divorce could be made public when legal proceedings move to New York.

Court orders concerning their two sons need to be ratified as Madonna plans to live in the city permanently.

But unlike English family law courts, the New York Supreme Court hearing, listed for March 2, will be open to the public.


RACHELLE LEFEVRE confirms ‘NEW MOON’ Madonna connection

Rachel has heard all of the “New Moon” rumors that we’ve all heard – about Dakota Fanning, AnnaLynne McCord, Vanessa Hudgens and Madonna. And about the Madonna rumor she says, “I’ve heard that one too. And if I saw her, I’d march right up to her and shake her and say, ‘We’re in the same project!’”


Justin & Madonna nominated for MTV Australia Awards 2009

Justin Timberlake & Madonna are nominated for their song “4 minutes” at the MTV Australia Awards 2009, in the category for “Best moves”.

Here is the complete list of nominees:


Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up
Chris Brown - Forever
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
Britney Spears - Circus

Please support JT & Madonna. Voting is open now so register and place your votes at www.mtvawards.com.au/vote.aspx. You could win a double pass to the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 every week until voting closes on Wednesday March 25th 2009. Users can also vote via sms at 191 MTV (688).


Madonna at the Vanity Fair Party

simply stunning
source: NY POST

Funny new Madonna tee


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Keira Knightleys a Madonna fan!


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Discrepences in UK Madonna exhibit


Thanks to JEREMY for pointing out the obvious discrepancy's and inconsistencies in the Marquee Capitals exhibition

check out the real 'OPEN YOUR HEART' costume vs. whats up on display, and the medallion from the MUSIC video. The photos can speak for themselves.

I guess we should pay close attention to the disclaimer on the site:
Disclaimer: Neither Madonna nor her management are in any way associated with Marquee Capital, its subsidiaries or
affiliates, and no endorsement, sponsorship or financial link should be implied between Madonna and "Simply Madonna".

Personally, I would only buy from an 'endorsed' or official seller of Madonna stage worn costumes.


email: Madonnasworld@gmail.com
Website: www.madonnasworld.com

New Sticky and Sweet Tour Dates Added

New European Tour Dates Announced

New shows in Madrid, Tallinn, Belgrade and Bucharest were just added to Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour schedule!
Below is the related info for each of them:

July 23th - Madrid - Vicente Calderon
Public Onsale: March 5rd at 8am local time
Fan club pre sale: March 2nd at 10am local time for Legacy members and at Noon local time for newer members

August 4th - Tallinn - Song Festival Ground
Public Onsale: March 5th at 9am local time
Fan club pre sale: February 25th at 10am local time for Legacy members and at Noon local time for newer members

August 24th - Belgrade - USCE Park
Public Onsale: February 27th at 10am local time
Fan club pre sale: February 23th at 10am local time for Legacy members and at Noon local time for newer members

August 26th - Bucharest - Parc Izvor
Public Onsale: March 3rd at 10am local time
Fan club pre sale: February 23th at 10am local time for Legacy members and at Noon local time for newer members

email: Madonnasworld@gmail.com
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Stella McCartney Designed a Madonna Tshirt for Charity!

check it out!
this is really quite cute and funny

an early era shot of M with Mickey Mouse Ears!
to find out more, click here tkmaxx
to buy the limited tee, click here


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Madonna attends the private Audigier fashion show in LA

Madonna attended a private fashion show by Christian Audigier in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (February 20th).
is it me or has madonna never looked so stylish! werk it m

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Madonna leaving K Centre ala Princess Leia

this was taken on FRIDAY in LA


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Madonna goes to the K Center in LA with KIDS

on sat
sporting a cool CBGB jacket, an ode to her early years!


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Next Stop, Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Is the Material Girl planning to take her new boy toy to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party?

According to OK! Magazine, the Jesus rumor is the gospel truth!
Madonna and Jesus Luz are going to "Vogue" on the dance floor! The mag
says Madge, 50, is planning to introduce the 22-year-old model as her
boyfriend at the exclusive Oscar bash.

We'll try to find out what Jesus will do.

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Madonna and Jesus Make L.A. appearance at Grey Goose Cecconi's party

We bet hunky Brazilian model Jesus Luz never expected to end up on the menu when the Queen of Pop took him out for dinner.

Madonna and her current boy toy Jesus
made a low-key entrance at an exclusive Hollywood bash last night. At
the Soho House at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, the pair "snuck in
through the back door" per a partygoer.

While there, Madonna was happy to let loose, tucking into a Grey Goose
Cosmo while mingling with a star-studded group that included Twilight's Robert Pattinson, Sharon Stone (who stayed until closing!), and Sienna Miller who chatted with Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel.

But from where we were sitting, the 22-year-old seemed to be her starter, main course and dessert.

Madonna, 50, risked turning a pre-Oscars dinner True Blue with a very public show of affection at the Grey Goose Cecconi’s party in the swanky Melrose suburb of LA.

At least the feeling seemed to be mutual.

Madonna was seen kissing her toyboy, and Jesus was glimpsed stroking her thigh and gazing deep into her eyes.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Sienna Miller, Matthew Rhys, Dev Patel and Oscar nominee Marisa Tomei also got an eyeful. Not that Madonna and Jesus cared. They were even oblivious to the waiter coming to take their starter orders of scallops, minestrone soup with pesto and crab ravioli.

And they paid no attention to the stares from actor Josh Hartnett and his posse on the next table.

Still, at least they waited until their guest, head Kabbalah honcho Rabbi Philip Burke, nipped off to the toilet before locking lips.

Looking amazing in a one-sleeved black dress, Madonna got four friends to join her table for the main course – a lobster and bolognese pasta feast.

We hear: “Madonna looked completely smitten with Jesus, and so did he with her. They stayed in their candlelit corner all night, even when Elton John came and went they didn’t leave their seats to greet him.

“Madonna is usually quite reserved when she is with a guy in public but she didn’t care who saw her with Jesus.”

Our source adds: “Inviting Rabbi Burke was an attempt at introducing Jesus into her Kabbalah way of life.

“So far he seems to be embracing it, especially after signing up for the online support groups.”

“Like Cinderella, at midnight she left – with Jesus hot on her heels.”

sources: uk mirror , radar

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Please dont stop the Music and MUSIC demo samples leaked

2 Madonna demo samples have just surfaced for

PLEASE DON'T STOP the MUSIC, looks like Madonna did a cover of RIHANNAs hit song in the studio

and a demo of

MUSIC where Madonnas earlier lyrics include 'Do you Like to TANGO, Do you like to MAMBO'

we're glad madonna reworked the lyrics, it sounds much in the final version

thanks to IVAN

Madonna inside STAR magazine

feb 16th issue
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