Liz smith on Madonna

WE TOLD you recently that Madonna says she  "has no idea" where her future music endeavors will be heard because she is without a record label to promote her ditties. Eh, who needs a record label when you've got "Glee"? The TV show's recent homage to M was such a big hit, they are planning a sequel! This is good news for Madonna's music catalogue, which jumped 40 percent in the wake of "Glee." (Her last album, "Hard Candy," sold a respectable four million copies worldwide. The resulting tour took a staggering $280 million.)

Last week Madonna was glimpsed in the Hamptons, glorious, astride a snow-white horse at her equine farm.

Maybe after La Ciccone directs the movie "W.E.," which involves the Duchess of Windsor, she'll do a biopic on Lady Godiva. After all, Godiva wasn't just some attention-seeking exhibitionist. She stripped and rode her steed to town to oppose the heavy taxes imposed on her subjects by her own husband. She was sexy, charitable and quite the feminist. Surely Madonna could relate!


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