NY ARTIST TMNK's work ;Madonna as Ms Liberty

Gio and I ran into a NYC Street artist named TMNK,
I thought you might like to check out his 'madonna' work, he was asking for several HUNDREDS for the canvas on the street, on ebay it sold just a bit over $100

words by the artist himself,
"New original art from TMNK and a forced collabo with Mr. Brainwash(created by jacking a Mr. Brainwash poster from his ICON show in NYC) - Signed on the back by TMNK - So let's see WHO really want's to own some Street Art History, TMNK + Mr. Brainwash!. Maybe I'm BRAIN dead
Madonna Statue Of Liberty and Power  - mixed media collage on canvas  - (24" x 36" approx  )  

How appropriate, the dude that "appropriates/borrows" get's buffed by a nobody like me. (wink) What, you think I was gonna wait around and ASK him to do a collaboration wit me. GTFOH, sure we're both streets artists, but he's MR. BRAINWASH, and I'm....  Damn, if I only had a brain, I'd be somebody. LOL - TMNK

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