Madonna line on Cover of WWD!


Preview the new line

here are 2 of many more images to come of madonnas material girl clothing collection.
madonna describes the look as simple,'' it doesnt seem like you took alot of time putting it together', layers...


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Gaultier to design Lingerie

Jean Paul Gaultier
Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is set to launch his first official lingerie line in collaboration with Italy's La Perla, WWD reports. Gaultier is no stranger to undergarments, having famously created Madonna's cone bra and costumes for Kylie Minogue, but he's shockingly never had his own proper collection. The 27 styles, including corsets, bodysuits and bras, will hit stores in November. They will be priced between $600 and $1,200.

Forbes 100 , Madonna ranks #10

#              Artist                     pay mil  money rank tv/radio     press    web     social ranks
10 Madonna 58 24 16 3 4 33 Musicians

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Tracy doesn't miss Madonna


Tracy Anderson (Getty).Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson may have lost her most high-profile client when she and Madonna parted ways last year, but the exercise maven doesn't seem to be sweating it.

Anderson, who is credited with helping Madonna to tone the bod she flaunted during her "Sticky and Sweet" tour, told the UK's Star, "Gone are the days I give myself to a celebrity. Madonna was my priority for three years but that's not why I set out to do this. Now I have a long list of people who I design [fitness programs] for, but my time is now spent on my company. I can't just be training a celebrity. I didn't do 11 years of research and development for that."

Anderson also claimed that tabloid reports of discord between her and the pop queen were completely false, insisting that she chose to stop working with the pop megastar to have more time for her family.

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Antonio at Madonnas party

Antonio laughs off Madonna crush

Antonio Banderas has laughed off Madonna's two-year crush on him.

The Queen of Pop made the revelation in her 1991 documentary film, In Bed With Madonna, after meeting the Spanish actor - but the feelings were not reciprocated.

"Yeah, she says these things - she didn't repeat it to me; it could have been dangerous, depending on how I would have been that day!" he said.

He insisted: "Nothing happened - never ever."

Antonio - who later starred in Evita with Madonna - is still surprised that he made headlines for catching her eye.

"I know! That's quite impressive to me. When I first met Madonna, she was a star on her Blonde Ambition tour and I was a working actor who paid to see her," he recalled.

"We worked together in Evita and she was absolutely committed to her character. Even now, I still find it weird."

The dad-of-one, who reprises his voice talents for Puss in Boots in Shrek Forever After, still keeps in touch with her.

"I saw her at the Oscars. She invited us to go to her house for a party - you should have seen Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger and me all doing the conga!"

:: Shrek Forever After will be released on July 2.

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New blog for Material World

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Lolas first blog entry!

Meet Lola

Helluuur thurrrr, I'm Lola and this is my first blog entry so it's kind of like ummmm….
I'm just going to use this blog entry to tell y'all a little bit about myself. I'm 13 and I'll be 14 in October, so I can't wait for that because I am FINALLY allowed to dye my hair… THANK YOU MOTHER!! My favvvv color is black (just because it goes with everything) and my least favorite color is brown (because it resembles the color of something QUITE gross).
I am totally obsessivo about 80's shorts… You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in. It's kinda nerdy but I love it. And the 80's are another huge obsession of mine, which is totally amazingly awesome because Material Girl…HELLO! It's like 80's themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah. I'm still in love with brogues or as some people call them "oxford shoes". I haven't found a good sandal so I'm on like a search right now.
I'm in London right now and the best stores ever here,I love the vintage stores down in Whitechapel, also a lot of hot guys hang there just in case y'all care. Music wise My Chemical Romance is THE BEST BAND EVER for realzzzz. They are so awesome it hurts. If you don't know who they are just… go away OR download their songs.
So, as you may know, Material Girl is coming out soon… HOLLA HOLLA! Ok and this is pretty awesome I will send a FREE t-shirt  to the first person who can  tell me in which big store the opening of Material Girl is….how cool rigghhhhhht???Annnnnnd I am 4 realz excited for the opening which I will give you the exact dates for in my next blog entry, so stay tuned for more.
So I want to know what you guys think about rompers… is that like a hit or miss, 'cause I'm not sure. If you comment, be sure to tell me what you think.
OK but no joke gladiator sandals are OUT. They came out in summer 2008 and I was like, ok those are really cute. Then 2009 comes around and people are still wearing them so I'm like, ok whatever it's just a phase. BUT NOOOOO. Because good old 2010 is now coming along and people are STILL wearing them, and then I was just like OK NO! It's been three years people COME ON!!!!!!!!! I'm just like what????
Ok so I think that is sufficient for my first blog entry and what do you know, it wasn't all like "ummmmm". I look forward to writing my second one. Stay tuned if you don't already think I'm annoying.
XO Lola

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Madonna in Herald Square on Sept 22nd

the official material girl collection website is out now with all the info on madonnas meet and greet with fans, enter today and you just meet her!
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New Material Girl Blog

lola will be on there talking about the collection according to the first blog post

Hello World!!! We are so excited to be posting our first blog, and to announce (drum roll please!) the Material Girl collection, only at Macy's.

Material Girl is the new fashion line created by the original Material Girl, Madonna. You find the coolest items hand selected by our Creative Director, Lola Leon. She helped us design awesome tops, dresses, jeans, shoes, bags, jewelry... the list is pretty endless. It's whatever we love, that we know you will too! The collection is launching 8.3.10, exclusively at Macy's.

Check back daily to hear the ranting and ravings of the Material Girls. You'll be hearing from our Fashion Directors, Designers, Marketing team... all of us Material Girls in our own way. And of course, it wouldn't be a Material Girl blog without some love from Lola.

See you guys tomorrow and make sure you check us out on Facebook and Twitter.


Courtesy of macys.com
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Madonna late night texts to guy

Madonna | Celebrity | Pictures | Photos | Now Magazine
Madonna has been texting and calling Guy Ritchie more often since her split from Jesus

Single, lonely and miserable, she turns to her ex-hubby for comfort

Monday, 28 June 2010

She only divorced him 19 months ago but insiders sayMadonna's been sending Guy Ritchie late-night texts, despite the fact 
that he's found new love with model Jacqui Ainsley, 28.

The 51-year-old singer's imploring 
Guy, 41, to come away for 
a family weekend in August but sources say he's hesitant.

'Madge and Guy talk weekly about the kids,' an insider tells Now.

'But since she split with Jesus in February, she's been calling him more often and texting, too.

'She's asked him 
to come away on a family weekend forRocco's birthday in August and is desperately hoping he'll say yes.'

Although Guy's keen to celebrate with his son, sources close to the director say he doesn't want to get drawn 
back into a web from which he's only just broken free.

'It took him ages to get over Madonna,' adds the insider.

'He's enjoying the dating scene and is happy with Jacqui.

'His kids will always be his priority but he doesn't feel he has to 
do things with Madonna just to keep the kids happy.'

However, sources close to the singer say that she's adamant Guy should be there for Rocco.

'Madonna keeps saying how important it'll be to Rocco and that they should put aside their differences for the sake of the kids.

'She knows Rocco would love both his parents there but it's not an entirely selfless gesture - she hates being lonely and isn't used to being single, so she thinks a weekend with 
Guy will bolster her spirits.'

However, Guy's trying to back out without upsetting his son or his ex-wife.

'He texted Madonna to say he'd planned to take Rocco on a fishing weekend, just the two of them.

'Madge reckons that's a good idea but thinks he should do it another time.

'Guy's desperate for it not 
to turn into a row.

'He doesn't want to spend a weekend together as it'll be too stressful but Madge is a convincing woman and he's starting to weaken.

'He knows that if he doesn't go, he'll get the blame for ruining Rocco's birthday.'

See the latest news on Madonna in Now magazine - out every Tuesday!

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Madonna Baby Gear!

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Zervando ✩ ZermeƱo'

new contest on ICON

While the video is now featured on the site's homepage, it is also in competition with 3 new videos. Make sure to cast your vote before July 4th at 10pm PST. 


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Meet Madonnas son, MAX

(well,hes got that on his resume!)

Meet Max Schneider, the 17-year-old who appears with Madonna in the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign, and who already boasts a quadruple-slash job description: actor-singer-dancer-model. This impressive young man is a senior at a performing arts high school that has no problem with him leaving school to work for a day on something like the fall 2010 Dolce campaign, which he shot in Harlem with Madonna in April. Get your minds out of the gutter (he hardly has facial hair!), because Max isn't her new Jesus Luz — he's supposed to be her son.

It was very comfortable. She walked in the room, and I'm a big Madonna fan so I was expecting it to be nervewracking but she walked in and it was totally fine. I felt like her son for the day, I was supposed to be her son in the ad campaign actually. She was just so nice to me, it wasn't like I was some random kid, she really treated me with respect and I truly respected her for that. She's such a superstar but she treats you as though you're on the same level. It was really incredible and she's just a very nice, sweet person. I was pleasantly surprised.

What is a good son, if not one who will carry Mom's produce while she holds her breasts in place?

Max-A-Million [Models.com]


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Fans want Madonna on broadway

With Cyndi Lauper joining the ever-growing list of pop stars such as Boy George, John Mellencamp, Bono and David Bryan to pen original Broadway scores (she's adapting the film Kinky Boots into a musical alongside Tony winner Harvey Fierstein), Broadway.com asked our pop culture-savvy readers which other 80s music icon should write a Broadway show. The votes are in, and fans hope to see the Queen of Pop become the Queen of Broadway: Madonna won the poll with 28% of votes. The 80s "Material Girl" isn't a stranger to Broadway, of course: She co-starred in the original 1988 production of David Mamet's Speed the Plow and played the title role in the 1996 film version ofEvita.

The number two spot went to the band Journey, with 19% of the votes. While the group has yet to write original music for the stage, their smash song "Don't Stop Believing" can be heard in current Broadway hit Rock of Ages. Blondie, the band led by rocker Debbie Harry, followed closely in third place with 17% of the votes. The top five was rounded out with 20-time Grammy winner Bruce Springsteen in fourth place (with 11% of votes) and "Purple Rain" singer Prince in fifth place (8%).

Thanks for voting!

source; Broadway.com

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Kelis mashes up Madonna at Glastonbury

Kelis mashes up Madonna at Glastonbury
The second-most euphoric moment came when she wheeled out former hit 'Milkshake', in a dancefloor-friendly bootleg with Madonna's classic 'Holiday'. ...

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Ilori NYC has Madonna covered!

very friendly staff and a one of a kind oasis of high end sunglasses, you'll be draped from head to toe with great service and you will have a first look at all of the sunglasses D&G and Madonna have created, on hand!! No place has this type of selection.
Last night ILORI held a launch party for the glasses, so make sure to check back at madonnasworld.com for photos!


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Touching story of how Madonna makes a difference in Malawi

An Open Letter to Madonna: Thank You, Mother to Mother

Dear Madonna,

Thank you.

Earlier this week, after a month-long sojourn in Malawi, my family arrived home in California with our newly-adopted son, Vasco Fitzmaurice Mark David Possley.

His adoption would not have been possible without you and the bold actions you took in Malawi last year when its High Court denied you the adoption of your precious daughter, Chifundo "Mercy" James.

You didn't take no for an answer.

You didn't buy their argument that allowing your adoption of Mercy would encourage human trafficking. You didn't agree when they said Mercy would be fine at an orphanage and without a loving family from a foreign land.

When you appealed that myopic ruling and then won approval of Mercy's adoption from the Malawi court of appeals, you effectively made case law that kicked open the door for other American families to adopt some of the 1 million children orphaned by HIV, AIDS and other diseases (including a grotesque indifference to the suffering of the most vulnerable among us).

Your actions paved the way for families to be created across thousands of miles, through forests of diplomatic red tape and seemingly unbridgeable cultural chasms.

My husband and I met Vasco in October 2007 while we were traveling in Africa on holiday. A few years earlier, we had made a donation to an organization in Blantyre that works with some of the 60,000 children who live on the streets of Malawi -- the vast majority of them, as you are well aware, AIDS orphans.

We were on the ground in Malawi for about 48 hours and spent most of our first day visiting with a few dozen teenaged boys -- "street kids," in the parlance of Malawi -- at a drop-in center in Limbe.

On our way back to the motel in Blantyre, our guide asked if we would mind making one more stop to visit a street kid that, in his words, was "just kind of special."

We drove on the road to the airport to Blantyre's rural Chileka district, clambered down a muddy embankment and saw a clutch of mud-and-waddle huts. Our guide yelled something and we heard a squeaky boy's voice shout something back -- "I'm coming!" in Chichewa, his native language.

Out came this little fellow Vasco -- tiny, skinny -- maybe 35 pounds soaking wet -- with huge eyes and a smile that would split your heart in two. He was about eight years old but was the size of a five-year-old American child.

While we visited with Vasco, who had lived alone on the streets of Blantyre for months after his mother and father had died, he sat on my lap. When he pressed his bony back into my chest, his heart was beating so violently it was shaking his little body and moving mine. I took a good look at him and noticed that he was sweating and struggling to catch his breath even though he'd been sleeping when we arrived and not running or playing.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked.

"He has a hole in his heart," we were told.

With the time we had left in Malawi, my husband and I tried to get him medical attention, but there was none to be had. When we left to continue our holiday in East Africa (which we had won in a raffle -- no, really), we stopped to see Vasco one last time. We hugged him close, told him that we loved him, and then we climbed back into the van and headed to the airport.

As the plane took off and I looked down at the African city, I thought of the hundreds of times I'd taken off from American airports, and I knew that if Vasco were the poorest child in the U.S. -- even a homeless orphan -- he'd be in the hospital that night receiving the care he needed. I began to cry and then I began to wail, making a scene on the flight all the way back to Kenya.

My tears were fueled by righteous anger knowing that Vasco probably would die a sinfully early death because he was poor and African. That is the worst kind of injustice.

I felt impotent, helpless. Then I remembered something our family friend Bono had told me a few years earlier: "We can't do everything, Cathleen, but what we can do we must do."

I couldn't fix his heart myself, but I could tell his story.

When we returned to Chicago, where we lived at the time, I told Vasco's story in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times, where I was a columnist. The piece ran on a Friday morning. By Saturday afternoon, three hospitals had offered to fix Vasco's heart for free if we could just get him to Chicago.

It took 18 months to get him to there, but on April 29, 2009, Vasco arrived in Chicago. Two weeks later, while we were in church on Mother's Day (because God has a sense of occasion, apparently) he spiked a fever. The next day, doctors determined that he was suffering from malaria.

The infection, we learned, has a two-week incubation period. Vasco had had malaria twice before in Malawi and it nearly killed him. If he had spiked the fever before he left Blantyre, he would not have been able to travel and we doubt he'd be alive today.

As Vasco recuperated from malaria and a host of other parasites he'd brought with him from Malawi, surgery was pushed back for more than a month. He was staying with us in our home outside Chicago and during that time, we got to know Vasco better. We saw the amazing person that he is -- incredibly bright and curious about the world, deeply intuitive and compassionate, soulful, grounded and so very funny.

We also learned more about what his life would be like once he returned to Malawi with his repaired heart.

That had always been the plan. Get him to Chicago, fix his heart, and send him home. It didn't matter that we had fallen in love with him, or that he could really use a family, parents, consistent love and security. International adoption, we were told, was all but impossible.

We prayed for an answer, an alternative, an escape plan and we waited, filled with equal parts hope and terror.

Vasco underwent successful open-heart surgery on June 10, 2009 at Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, just outside Chicago.

Two days later, as he was about to be moved out of intensive care and into a regular hospital room, we heard the news that the Malawi High Court of Appeal had overturned the lower court decision and approved your adoption of Mercy.

Legal precedent! Case law! A miracle!

A door swung open and a way had been made for us to become a legal family. It was a mitzvah created by many human (and divine) hands, including yours.

Shortly after Vasco was released from the hospital, we moved to Laguna Beach, California and began the process of adopting him. First we became his legal guardians in Malawi, then came months of bureaucratic paperwork on both sides of the world. We had a home study done, got fingerprinted by the FBI, collected recommendations from friends, family, our pastor, our rabbi. You know the drill.

Meanwhile, Vasco absolutely flourished. He's grown more than six inches and put on more than 30 pounds. He enrolled in school for the first time and excelled beyond anyone's expectations, learning English and how to read in record time, playing soccer on the town's championship team, learning to swim and ride a bike, to snow board, skate board and even to surf.

By early spring, everything was in place. We were just waiting for a court date in Malawi to make it legal.

Late last month, the three of us -- Vasco, my husband and I -- returned to Malawi for our adoption hearing. We prayed to God for favor and mercy and tried to not to panic.

Hearts in our throats, on June 1 we walked into the chambers of Judge John Chirwa at the High Court in Blantyre. The judge began reading his ruling and about half way through I began to cry tears of joy when Chirwa announced that he was legally bound by decision in the "Mercy James case" in making his ruling and, therefore, he approved our adoption.

Because of Mercy.

Because of you.

Vasco now has a forever family. I have a beautiful, healthy, happy son -- my first and only child. We are blessed and grateful beyond words. To God and to you.

The blessing you helped create will not stop with us. We tell Vasco's story to anyone who will listen, and we are creating a road map to guide other American families on their sacred journeys to adopt Malawian children who need them desperately.

From the bottom of this new mother's heart, thank you.

For your generosity of heart and spirit, as well as your perseverance, bravery and chutzpah -- just like the biblical Queen Esther whose name you've aptly taken as one of your own -- thank you.

You have been a mighty vessel of chisomo -- grace -- in our lives. And in my heart, you will always be Vasco's fairy godmother.

God bless you, Madonna.

Zikomo kwambiri, amai.


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