Kelly Osbourne cheered up by LOLA

Osbourne Cheered Up By Madonna's Daughter

KELLY OSBOURNE was recently brought out of a bad mood by fellow music offspring LOURDES CICCONE - after MADONNA's daughter hailed her as a style icon.

The Like A Virgin superstar's daughter has launched her own fashion range for teens, entitled Material Girl, and has an online blog to let fans know her favourite trends.

And a grumpy Osbourne admits she was cheered up after the 14 year old listed her as one of her main inspirations in the style stakes.

In her column for British magazine Closer, Osbourne writes, "I met Madonna's daughter Lourdes earlier this summer, and I just saw last week that she mentioned me in her fashion blog. She's launched a new clothing line called Material Girl and said on her blog, 'I met Kelly Osbourne... a lot of my inspiration comes from her.'

"When I saw that I was having a really bad day and that totally made it better. To be thought of as an inspiration in that way is brilliant. I hope little girls look up to Lourdes because she doesn't dress too grown up - she just looks so stylish."


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