Macys Launches MATERIAL GIRL Review

Macys rolled out the PINK carpet, at Herald Square, for their grand opening of the "MATERIAL GIRL" Clothing line by Madonna & Lola. Over a hundred fans including your very own Jeannie from Madonnasworld.com wrapped around the block to get a spot on line and recieve a gift  card and free bandeau (top.)While we waited, I met a few teen Madonna fans which was refreshing to know that Madonna can still inspire people at any age and be in touch with the younger generation. Many photographers were there taking our pictures and News crews from RTL and MTV covered the story. It was cute to see a group of models dressed as the '80s Madonna and MACYS employees revealed the new windows display.  There were even free MATERIAL GIRL cupcakes being handed out. When your in NYC, everything is just bigger and better! Fan were treated also with a chance to win a signed Madonna t-shirt. Plus if you purchased $50 of clothing, you could meet TAYLOR MOMSEN, the spokesperson and model for the collection. Madonna music was blasing out of some boomboxes and Passers by were curious to know if Madonna was coming, cause the energy was really great. 

 I was told by someone in charge of PR that Macys does a great job when it comes to launches, and they were right. They didnt disapoint, not much anyway I'll get to that in a minute!

Once inside, there was an exec announcing the collections launch
and he cut the ribbon and were let in.  There was a DJ on hand playing some great Madonna mixes while we shopped. there was ALOT to choose from. Tops Bottoms, dresses, jackets, you name it. I liked the quality of the clothes, and the flats were really cute unfortunately they didnt have my size and I was one of the first inside.
I also found out that there will be many more items from the collection being added by the end of the month so fans of the clothes should head back to macys often. On the first floor you could find accessories like necklesses and ribbons. The 5th Floor was supposed to carry the shoe collection however I was told that wont' be available till September. 

Around 5pm When Taylor came out, she wore some really amazing boots so I'm hoping that these will be for sale too! She performed 3 songs and then a half hour later came back for photo ops with fans. Macys did a great job of handing printed photos with Taylor to fans in just minutes. 

When It was my turn to go up, a MACYS employee told me, I can't get up to get up to take my photo and just waved me off, and let other people get ahead of me, That was confusing to me and then I just moved in anyway and showed my bracelet to another employee and she let me go right away. I went back to him later and asked him why he told me I couldnt go thru when I had a bracelet and he said something like'' I have too many bags??!'' Now, Why on earth would MACYS tell and encourage their customers to shop at MACYS yet, you're not allowed to hold a bag? I wasn't about to take a photo with TAYLOR holding my shopping bag anyway. Long story short MACYS needs to better train their employees so they can properly communicate to customers without being rude for no apparent reason.

Taylor was great and took a photo with me and then I got some nice lemonade and cupcake :)

Thanks MACYS and MADONNA for a great collection for girls on on a budget.


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