Material Girl Dancer Wannabes Worked It at Audition

Madonna Material Girl launch dance competition guy doing a split

A male dancer shows off his skills in hopes of making the Material Girl cut. (We were afraid his pants would split.) Photo courtesy of Iconix Brand

Madonna has an embarrassment of riches. 

The dancers who arrived at New York City's Broadway Dance Center this morning for the Material Girl open call were surprisingly talented. 

StyleList joined the crowd of hopefuls at 8 a.m. – though some had been there since 5 a.m. to secure spots at the front of the line – and watched 47 flexible hopefuls audition for the chance to dance alongside Madonna at the Sept. 22 Material Girl launch party at Macy's Herald Square in New York City.

"Madonna is looking for individuals who have passion and also have style," her lead dancer Leroy "Hypnosis" Barnes told StyleList. "I think I've seen a lot of that today -- passion. There are a couple that had style, but that's harder." 

As for what will make particular dancers stand out, fellow judge and Macy's fashion director Adam Moon said, "I think it's the attitude and having the right look for the brand." 

Dari Marder, chief marketing officer of Iconix, Madonna's partner in Material Girl, said it all comes down to raw talent. "We're looking to pluck somebody off the street that's going to be confident enough and have the skills to dance with Madonna. It would be great to have a couple of girls who are our Material Girl customer, but even more than that, they've got to have the skills. They've got to be able to bring it." 

Madonna Material Girl launch dance competition group shot dancing

Group dance breakdown: Auditioners vying for a chance to dance with Madonna. Photo courtesy of Iconix Brand

And bring it they did. There were break-dancers and B-boys, pop-and-lock dancers, club kids, and a couple that looked to be taking a break from the pole. But all-in-all, it was a reasonably impressive bunch. 

You can see them and decide for yourself: select dancers' audition tapes will be posted atYouTube.com/materialgirlcol. Those who couldn't make the New York casting call can upload audition videos to the YouTube page until Sept. 3.
source ; http://www.stylelist.com/2010/08/26/material-girl-dancer-audition/

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