NY Daily News mentions my shout out!

Madonna played the proud and protective mother at the unveiling of her and daughter LourdesMaterial Girl fashion line at Macy's on Wednesday. The pop star let her 13-year-old, who goes by Lola for short, answer nearly all fashion questions as the duo walked the pink-carpet press line. She straightened out her kid's outfit on a few occasions.
But when a reporter asked if Lola was dating yet, Madonna recoiled and shook her head in a way that suggested, no matter what the answer was, she wasn't ready for her baby girl to start seeing boys.
By the time the action moved to the fourth floor of Macy's, where the Material Girl line is sold, Madonna was back on message. When someone yelled, "We like your jewelry," Mama Ciccone pointed in the direction of her wares and replied, "It's right over there."


"LOL, I SAID , NICE JEWELRY" heee, got a mention in the daily news, hot" ;)


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