madonna out clubbing with brahim

Above: Madonna took new boyfriend Brahim Rachiki out in London last night (Pics: wenn.com)

ABOVE: Brahim Rachiki and Madonna have been dating for a couple of months

ABOVE: Madonna seemed happy enough to show her face as she left the club

ABOVE: But Brahim Rachiki looked terrified by the paparazzi

ABOVE: Madonna only recently split from boyfriend Jesus Luz

ADONNA took her latest toyboy out in London last night.

Hitting Aura Club until the early hours of the morning, Madonna and her boyfriend Brahim Rachiki spent the evening chatting closely with each other.

But when it came to leaving the club, Brahim seemed to take the whole paparazzi experience a bit too seriously, throwing himself behind people to cover his face.

We reckon that's a sure-fire way of drawing attention to yourself, love.

Regardless of Brahim's strange behaviour, Madonna seemed happy enough to smile at photographers as she made her way to her car.

Madonna and Brahim, who is one of her backing dancers, have been dating for "a few months".

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