Madonna Spits 52 In the Face In Dolce & Gabbana’s Hot New Ads!

Has the Material Girl just made age completely immaterial? I say yes, after seeing the mom of four saucily reveal her trim, toned physique in these pics.

The pop music legend shows us all how it's done in leopard and lace ,corsets and stockings. And while I'm sure there's some retouching involved, the MOST unreal thing about the ads is Madonna actually washing dishes and scrubbing floors in photos shot by top fashion photog Steven Klein. The Material Girl  may work hard in the gym – REALLY hard – but  I doubt  her hands have actually touched dishwater, in the past two decades.

Now, ladies, you can argue whether or not it's appropriate for a woman to be seen in such a sexualized manner past a certain age, but please don't decide until after you've seen these 15 pics. The Material Girl has once again decided to thumb her nose at the establishment, throwing aside the old social morays that women should hide their "older" bodies  and refuse to reveal their ages. Eat well, exercise, maintain your beauty regimen and you too could look this good. Why shouldn't we be sexy and beautiful, ladies, well into our golden years. Let Madonna light the way! You can see, Madonna's determined to be sexy until the day she dies!

What do you think, BFFs? Does Madonna still have it? Is this sexy and fabulous or highly inappropriate? Vote now!


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