Madonna to visit Malawi with U2's Bono

Lilongwe- Pop diva Madonna is planning to return to Malawi next week in the company of fellow star Bono.

The material Girl makes it a point to visiit the southern African state at least twice a year to supervise her 9m GBP Raising Malawi Academy for Girls as well as visit the six orphanages she is  funding. 

 A source close to Madonna's initiatives said while last time she was in the company of UN economist Professor Jeofrey Sachs, this time around she cames with Irish Band U2 leader and superstar Bono. 

'Bono will join Madonna in Malawi,' said the source. 

Bono has previously visited Malawi. In January 2002 the star joined the then Harvard University development economist Prof. Jeffrey Sachs to lobby southern African leaders to use debt relief to fight poverty and AIDS. 
'Bono is a big admirer of Madonna's work in Malawi. 

This time he wants to join Madonna to Malawi to see what Madonna is doing.'  

Madonna adopted two children from the country. 

'He wants to visit all the dusty villages that Madonna goes to. He complains that the first time he came here in 2002 he was only taken to the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe,' said the Raising Malawi source. 

On the visit Madonna is also planning a family reunion for her adopted children with their biological parents.


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