Vintage ICON Madonna Magazines

From: "Rob DelVecchio" 


Hello again friends and fellow ICONers,

Since I last wrote I have received many dozens of kind messages from around the world letting me know how much the work that my late wife Marcia and I did for the 12+ years we were at the helm of Madonna's official fan club continues to be appreciated.ICON 20

Back in the day, ICON really did embody a true grass roots organization operated by Madonna fans, for Madonna fans. It was certainly was a labor of love, to be sure, and I remain honored and humbled with the goodwill that remains in the universe to this day. I do know with certainty that you really do get what you give in this life.

It truly was a remarkable era, indeed, but ICON's essence and legacy has little to do with my dedication or even the heart and soul that Marcia's undying love, commitment and devotion personified each and every day. At its core, an organization such as this could only be as great as the many fine and decent and noble individuals from the four corners of the global comprising its membership.

But, as I mentioned previously, that was then and this is now. Fast-forward to 2010 and I have decided to part ways with my remaining supply of ICON Magazines. We all know that ICON was the preeminent publication documenting pretty much anything and everything about the diva herself. Each issue includes a personal letter from Madonna to her fans, along with tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, articles and inside information from within her inner circle of closest associates.

Now with classic print version of ICON being long gone there is no indication of it ever being resurrected under the current operators. As such, these vintage back issues have become valuable collector's items for anyone and everyone interested in chronicling such an extraordinary decade in Madonna's stellar career with a unique view from the inside out. These timeless Madonna collectibles are unconditionally guaranteed to be in original mint condition.

So, to all Madonna fans, admirers and collectors alike, here's your last chance to get your hands on these extraordinary keepsakes at a fraction of the price you'll find on the collector's market... W hile supplies last!!

All the best,


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