Madonna angers Kabalah Heads

Madonna refuses to date fellow fiftysomethings because they're "usually married, divorced, grumpy, fat and balding" (Her words, not ours…), but the veteran pop queen's penchant for spit-swapping with chiseled boy toys that are young enough to be her sons has got Madge in a bit of a pickle with the leaders of her Kabbalah faith, In Touch Weekly snitches say.

The Material Girl, 52, is said to be dating choreographer Brahim Rachiki following her split from barely legal Brazilian model Jesus Luz earlier this year. The '80s hitmaker was spotted "making out" with Rachiki, who choreographed her 2008-2009 Sticky & Sweet tour, at SL Club in New York last month.

The news hit Kabbalah head honchos like a ton of bricks, In Touch claims. Religious leaders fear that as the world's best-known member of the faith, Madonna's love of late-nights and romps with men thirty years her junior projects the wrong public image of Kabbalah's followers.

"She is so closely linked to Kabbalah that her life choices reflect on it…She was warned to watch her behavior," a tipster reveals. "They are embarrassed by her young boyfriends and decadent lifestyle."

While Madonna is devoted to her faith, some close to the music legend doubt she'll start turning down barely-legal peen anytime in the near future. In fact, she's also been recently linked to Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac and A Single Man star Jon Kortajarena.