Maggie Gyllenhaals encounter with Madonna at Oscar Party

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' (Sat., 10PM ET on BCC America). There, she discussed a (sort of) tragic loss, but also told the story of an unexpected benefit.

Maggie failed to win an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress. She lost to eventual winner Mo'Nique. But she told host Graham Norton that she didn't think she would actually win, since her nomination was for the indie movie 'Crazy Heart.' 

Though she did confess to a second or two of excitement: "When you're there... and they're opening the envelope and they say 'Mon-nnnique.' And that's a little like 'Maggie!'" Still, things didn't work out. Oh well. But Maggie didn't let her loss get to her.

In fact, Ms. Gyllenhaal still went out and partied. And while she was out, she got to dance with the original "Material Girl" -- Madonna herself. "She didn't even say 'Hi,'" the actress said. "She just nodded at me and started dancing." So while Maggie may not have won the ultimate prize, she still got something out of the deal.

watch the video here!