Britney Spears does Madonna on:'Glee' episode

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Britney Spears:'Glee' episode 'brings back so many memories!'

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VIDEO: Mother Madonna & Daughter Lourdes Debate Who’s the Boss | OK! Magazine - The First for Celebrity News


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Madonna to appear on X Factor

X Factor could soon get the M Factor - with Madonna lined up for a slot.

The singer has verbally agreed to appear on the ITV show, and could even star when the 12 finalists sing in the studio for the first time on October 9.

A source said: "Madonna would be perfect to kick off the last stage of the competition." Past guests include Robbie Williams.

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Camille Paglia Defends Madonna Op-ed | Entertainment News | Advocate.com


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My Close Call with the Wrath of Madonna’s Manager

Dick Clark's Lost Interview: 

Dick Clark may have been the dean of the pop-music scene for more than five decades, but that doesn't mean he's any better at picking winners than your average armchair critic.

Case in point, the American Music Awards—which he himself founded in 1973.

CAPTION: Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

In an interview with Milling About host Robin Millingfrom New Year's Eve 1992—which has never before aired anywhere—the cultural icon chatted about wrangling nominees into the theater for the event.

"Years ago I talked to [Madonna's then-manager]Freddy DeMann. I said, 'Madonna must be here— she's up for two awards. I mean, you must know in your heart that she's going to win those awards. She's a runaway smash hit," he said of the 1991 AMAs, while the Material Girl was filming A League of Their Own.

"They arranged a convoy and strategic air command sort of thing and got police and escorted her from a movie set and screaming down the freeway.

"And they pull up breathlessly, they come in to the backstage as the first award comes up in her category. And the winner is… not Madonna!

"Freddy looked at me with this look I never want to see in a man's eyes again. And if I could have, I would have disappeared.

"Fortunately, Madonna won the second award."

Madonna: The second envelope was a charm.

Madonna: The second envelope was a charm.

Dick also recalled a similar incident with '80s pop idol Rick Springfield, who scored a No. 1 hit with Jessie's Girl while playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

"Rick called me one year. He was up for Best Male Vocalist, and said, 'I'm real beat up and on the road. 'Do I have to be there?' as if to say, Do I know anything that he should know," he said of the 1983 AMAs.

"And I said, 'Rick, lets face it, look at the competition in your category. I mean, you're my friend, you don't got a prayer. Don't bother.

"Stay down in the desert. Relax. We'll do it another time.

"He won—and I talked him out of appearing!"

To hear Dick Clark's full lost interview, click here.


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Director Susan of Desperately Seeking Susan talks about the movie

Madonna Happy to Let Daughter Lourdes Take the Lead in Material Girl Line


Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It was a night of lace tights, skirts, and mother-daughter bonding forMadonna and daughter Lourdes Leon, 13, as they celebrated the launch of their Material Girlclothing line Wednesday night at Macy's Herald Square in N.Y.C. Despite being a fashion icon, Madonna was content to take a backseat when it came tochoosing the items for the Material Girl girl. "Lola did most of the work. I just kind of hung out in the background and went, 'That's nice,' but she pretty much did all of the work. I was just overseeing it," she said. But when your mom is Madonna and you're creating a fashion line for teenage girls, it isn't always that simple. "There are some definite pieces [inspired by my mom]. The tulle skirt because that's like her thing—she made that. The necklaces, the gloves, the lace tights, the combat boots…that tough girly thing," Lourdes told PEOPLE. As for the items in Mom's closet that she covets most? "All of her shoes are ridiculous! I love to try on her [Christian] Louboutins," she said. Also on hand for the celebration was Material Girl face Taylor Momsen. "It was such an honor to be chosen by Madonna and Lola. They're such talented people and I'm just ecstatic," gushed the Gossip Girl star. The night concluded with the three ladies gathering on the fourth floor of Macy's, as dancers performed and a DJ spun many of Madonna's songs. "Lola has been so inspiring and it's been so great to watch her focus, her determination." Madonna said. "I've achieved many things in my life, but I have to say watching my daughter make her dreams come true and achieve her goals is more exciting than anything I've ever done."

source; http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2010/09/23/madonna-happy-to-let-daughter-lourdes-take-the-lead-in-material-girl-line/

Madonna not that Desperate

Rosanna Arquette and Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan
Memory lane ... Rosanna Arquette and Madonna

The legendary pop star was a no-show for a special screening of the film in New York last night, despite being in town.

Perhaps she was knackered from her Material Girl clothing launch at Macy's the night before.

Her co-stars, ROSANNA ARQUETTEMARK BLUM andAIDAN QUINN, along with director SUSAN SEIDELMAN, got into the groove though, posing for pictures at the Walter Reade Theatre.

Director Susan Seidelman only has fond memories of the Like A Virgin singer, despite the snub.

She says: "Madonna lived down the street from me, so she wasn't 'Madonna,' in quotes. I knew her from people who were in the downtown music scene."

She also revealed that BRUCE WILLIS auditioned for the part of Madge's boyfriend back in the day.

"Somewhere, in a carton in my basement, I have Madonna and Bruce Willis doing an early screen test for that."

Now that's a movie I'd see...

Mark Blum, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn and Susan Seidelman at the 25th Anniversary Screening of Desperately Seeking Susan in New York City
25th anniversary ... Mark Blum, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn and Susan Seidelman

source; uk sun

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At the Desperately Seeking Susan 25th Anniversary Screening

We all had so much fun, watching the film and then the stars spoke about their experience on the set, working with Madonna.
Unfortunately, Madonna did not make an appearance but many stars did come. More to come including video and on madonnas first screen test for the film.
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Madonna Doesn't Want Lourdes To Dye Her Hair - Starpulse.com

Madonna Doesn't Want Lourdes To Dye Her Hair - Starpulse.com

Madonna's teenage daughter is planning to defy mom's wishes and treat herself to a colorful new hairdo when she turns 14 next month.

Young rebel Lourdes, who is a partner in Madonna's new Material Girl clothing line, has threatened to color her hair on her birthday - even though mom is opposed to the idea.

Lourdes says, "That's still the goal. She (Madonna) doesn't really want me to."

Speaking on the pink carpet at the Material Girl launch in New York on Wednesday, Madonna explained why she's against the idea: "Once you start dyeing your hair, that's it, you just keep dyeing it.

click on the link above to view the video!

NY Daily News mentions my shout out!

Madonna played the proud and protective mother at the unveiling of her and daughter LourdesMaterial Girl fashion line at Macy's on Wednesday. The pop star let her 13-year-old, who goes by Lola for short, answer nearly all fashion questions as the duo walked the pink-carpet press line. She straightened out her kid's outfit on a few occasions.
But when a reporter asked if Lola was dating yet, Madonna recoiled and shook her head in a way that suggested, no matter what the answer was, she wasn't ready for her baby girl to start seeing boys.
By the time the action moved to the fourth floor of Macy's, where the Material Girl line is sold, Madonna was back on message. When someone yelled, "We like your jewelry," Mama Ciccone pointed in the direction of her wares and replied, "It's right over there."


"LOL, I SAID , NICE JEWELRY" heee, got a mention in the daily news, hot" ;)


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Taylor Momsen on Madonna & Lourdes: “A Collaborative Relationship”

Taylor Momsen Sept. 23Taylor Momsen celebrated the launch of "Material Girl" yesterday at Macy's by talking about how great it was working Madonna and daughter, Lourdes Léon.


"It's a very collaborative relationship. When I worked with them they were in the mode of putting things together," Taylor told reporters. "They agree on everything. They both have such great fashion sense. To come together on a line, I think is such an awesome thing. It really is something great. They did something great."

How does the line fit in with Taylor's edgy style?

"The cool thing about 'Material Girl' is it can fit into anyone's personal style. It fits mine that is different than some girls and you can have a girly girl like my sister [who] would love the line as well as I do," she said. "The cool thing about it is it's very much for any girl. It's about the individual pieces and you put them together to make them your own. It covers a giant basis of styles, range; it's for any girl who wants to express themselves."


How does it feel to be chosen by Madonna as the face of the brand? "It's an honor. I mean, the biggest honor," Taylor told OK!.

Taylor will also be back on Gossip Girl this fall. What can she tell us about Jenny Humphrey's return? "I cannot tell you anything, contractually obligated not to, but stay tuned. Little J is coming back."



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Inside Macys after the show

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Madonna inside Macys Part 3

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Madonna @ Macys Part 2

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Madonna at Macys Full coverage part 1

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Madonna: ‘Material Girl’ Launch with Lourdes & Taylor Momsen! | Lourdes Leon, Madonna, Taylor Momsen : Just Jared


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Madonna says she's not scared of alleged stalker Robert Linhart, caught waiting for star at her door


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'Madonna borrows clothes from MY wardrobe,' says her daughter Lourdes | Mail Online


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Madonna tonight on pink carpet!

Photo by rich buxo
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Exclusive Photos: Madonna Gets Some Help From Steven Klein on the Set of her New Movie – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice


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win passes to the Macys Party now!

Contest - Attend The Launch Of The Material Girl Collection In NY!

Iconers, if you think you can make it to New York tomorrow

We will pick 4 e-mails on a random basis and 4 lucky Iconers + their guest will attend the official launch of the Material Girl Collection along with Madonna and other fashion lovers!

go to madonna.com now and log in to enter!

(pic by wendy)

Madonna stops by tonight at rehersals!

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Dancers preparing for #Madonna tomorrow!! on Twitpic

Dancers preparing for #Madonna tomorrow!! on Twitpic

Answer the Call VIDEO

A call for action from Madonna

Connect To Learn" kicks off with 100 scholarships in 100 days and a call for action from Madonna

New York (September 21, 2010)— Madonna, together with the Earth Institute, Ericsson and Millennium Promise today officially launched Connect To Learn, a non-profit global education initiative to greatly improve both the access to and quality of secondary education for children around the world—especially girls.  Connect To Learn provides three-year scholarships to attend secondary school and covers tuition, books, uniforms as well as access to broadband technology. The first 100 scholarships will be provided in Millennium Villages in Ghana and Tanzania within the next 100 days.
Today Connect To Learn also starts a broad public awareness and fundraising campaign, supported by Madonna, called "Answer the Call", which highlights that scholarships can be provided for less than $2 a day. Individuals can make donations through www.ConnectToLearn.org or by texting CONNECT to 20222 (in the US).
"Millions of girls and young women around the world—particularly in poor rural areas—don't have the chance to attend school beyond the primary level.  It is estimated that around three of every four girls in sub-Saharan Africa are currently unable to attend secondary school," said Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute. "This partnership—of Connect To Learn and the Millennium Village Project —will enable girls to attend secondary school, and will connect their schools to the same online educational resources available to students anywhere in the world.  Connecting young women in all parts of the world to school, to the Internet, and to each other, will change their lives and our world for the better." 
"Broadband connectivity is now vital everywhere in the world for a quality education. In regions like Africa, mobile subscriptions have far surpassed access to fixed phone lines and will be the ubiquitous access point for communication. Through this initiative, students all over the world will have access to the same education and information no matter where they are," said Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson. "During this week, with the spotlight on public and private partners working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, the Connect To Learn initiative is a shining example of what can be achieved together."
Representing a unique partnership between non-profit, business, education and inspired individuals, Connect To Learn is calling for organizations around the world to join with its founding partners in providing financial and in-kind support to provide new pathways to economic and personal empowerment through secondary education. 
"When a girl in a poor village gets a good education, she can better protect her health, make a better living and raise a healthy family—improving her life and the lives of the people around her," said John W. McArthur, CEO, Millennium Promise. "We ask individuals and organizations everywhere to offer their knowledge, resources and leadership to vastly expand access to the Internet in rural schools across the globe—helping millions of girls worldwide get quality secondary education and opening the door to a new world."
Part of the funds for each scholarship are devoted to the provision of mobile broadband access so that children in rural areas can get access to the best online educational resources and connect with schoolchildren from other parts of the world.  Launched in conjunction with the Broadband Commission for Digital Development's call for 'Broadband Inclusion for All' and the 10-year anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals, Connect To Learn is the perfect example of how access to mobile broadband technology can help to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
About Connect To Learn
Connect To Learn is a not for profit global education initiative designed by Ericsson, Millennium Promise, and the Earth Institute as Scientific Advisor, to ensure a 21st century secondary education for all - especially girls - by providing scholarships for secondary education, and using ICT to connect classrooms and improve access to quality educational resources around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.ConnectToLearn.org/.
About Earth Institute
Earth Institute, Scientific Advisor to Connect To Learn, is the world's leading academic center for the integrated study of Earth, its environment, and society. The Earth Institute builds upon excellence in the core scientific disciplines and stresses cross-disciplinary approaches to complex problems. Through research, training and global partnerships, it mobilizes science and technology to advance sustainable development, while placing special emphasis on the needs of the world's poor. www.earth.columbia.edu
About Ericsson
Ericsson is the leader in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technologies, and provides support for networks with over 2 billion subscribers and has the leading position in managed services. The company's portfolio comprises mobile and fixed network infrastructure, telecom services, software, broadband and multimedia solutions for operators, enterprises and the media industry. The Sony Ericsson and ST-Ericsson joint ventures provide consumers with feature-rich personal mobile devices.  Ericsson is advancing its vision of being the "prime driver in an all-communicating world" through innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions. Working in 175 countries, more than 80,000 employees generated revenue of SEK 206.5 billion (USD 27.1 billion) in 2009. Founded in 1876 with the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Ericsson is listed on OMX NASDAQ, Stockholm and NASDAQ New York.   www.ericsson.com
About Millennium Promise
Millennium Promise is an internationally recognized and US-registered nonprofit organization founded in 2005. As the leader in the global movement to end extreme poverty, it is mobilizing a growing alliance of public, private and nonprofit partners who share its commitment to sustainable development and scaling-up effective ideas. Its mission is to achieve the MDGs by showing how the Goals are accessible and achievable, building momentum for success through advocacy, innovation and a practical, holistic approach to building sustainable communities. MP's flagship initiative is the Millennium Villages project, providing operational support to the Millennium Villages, coordinating with EI on technical and scientific advice, leading business development and private sector initiatives, and acting as the primary fundraiser for the Millennium Villages. MP is also the center for public outreach and advocacy on the MVP. www.millenniumpromise.org
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Desperately Seeking Susan - 25th Anniversary Screening

Reminder sent In from Maryann 

Desperately Seeking Susan - 25th Anniversary Screening
with Director Susan Seidelman and screenwriter Leora Barish!