Whats like traveling first class with Madonna on board

What's the coolest thing about flying first-class? For Brian Kelly, it's the fun of seeing how the other half flies. Last year on a New York-London trip with Madonna, for example, when pounding rain delayed takeoff, the British Airways pilot actually came out of the cockpit to apologize personally to the singer. For the weather.

Later, Madonna entertained herself (and everyone else) summoning members of her 10-person entourage, munching on macrobiotic muesli served by a personal nutritionist, and commanding that the entire first-class cabin sit in darkness so she could enjoy a movie on her laptop (the crew complied).

"There are lots of egos in first class; the sense of entitlement is palpable," sums up Mr. Kelly, who travels the world as a campus recruiter for a major New York investment bank. But this is still the most efficient, pleasant way to fly, and it's more accessible than you think – hobnobbing with Madonna cost Mr. Kelly 110,000 frequent-flier miles.

And after years of scaling back on premium offerings, airlines have begun unveiling more imaginative, elaborate services and amenities for first-, upper- and business-class tickets; perks that won't break the bank, especially if paid for in points. Take it from the young executive, who writes ThePointsGuy.com blog, advising ordinary fliers on how to maximize their miles to fly as VIPs.

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