Lola says her life is like ABFAB!

From vetting her boyfriends to flirting at school and dressing like a teenager, Madonna's daughter Lourdes is getting wound up by her mum's antics.

being embarrassed by your parents is right of passage for all teens and, just because she's Madonna's daughter, doesn't mean Lourdes Ciccone escapes the blushes.

Things have got so bad that Lourdes, 14, has now given her world famous mum a telling off for wearing revealing outfits and flirting with her teachers.

The budding fashion designer - who likes to be called Lola- has compared Madonna, 52, and her self to the character for 90s BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

An insider says: "Even though her mum is wildly regarded as one of the coolest women on the planet, Lola finds some of the things Madonna does excruciating…

"She's always telling her to stop being so embarrassing. Lola also laughs that Madonna is just like fashions Edina from Ab Fab and that she sometimes feeling like Edina's disapproving daughter, Saffy."

Lourdes lives in New York with Madonna and her two brother, Rocco, 10 and David, 5 and her four-year-old sister Mercy.

But she rarely takes her friends home to hang out and insits on making her own way to school: "Lola likes to walk or cycle to class and is mortified when Madonna drops in to discuss something with staff, the insider says.

"To make it worse, her mum's a flirt and can't resit flashing a smile at teachers."

Just last week Lourdes told her mum off for baring her flesh at the Oscars.

Madonna also has a habit of borrowing clothes form Lourdes' wardrobe.

Lourdes recently admitted: "She's always taking things without asking. She wears my shoes and my accessories."

The insider adds: "Mage likes to see herself as Lola's big sister. She even does her hair the same."



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