Madonna: Directing 'in her blood'

Madonna is a 'natural' filmmaker, actress Abbie Cornish has said.

The Australian starlet plays Wally Winthrop in the romantic drama WE, which the Queen of Pop co-wrote and directed, and reckons Madonna is just at ease behind the cameras as she is in front of them.

"Working with Madonna was great - it was different because she comes from a music background, but she's a natural director, that's for sure, and it's in her blood, because throughout her life she's dealt with choreography, dance and orchestrating things in that way," she told The Playlist.

"It was definitely a forte for her during the process of filmmaking."

While making the film was enjoyable, Abbie admitted it was one of the toughest shoots because of all the material they had to get through in a limited amount of time.

"There was so much in the script. I was amazed, we shot it all," she recalled.

"I know Madonna had to work hard in the editing room because it could be like a four hour film - you have two stories that run parallel. So you have two whole lives that you are trying to express and tell, and get [the film] under two hours."

The film focuses on the affair between King Edward VIII (James D'Arcy) and American divorcee Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), plus a contemporary romance between a married woman, played by Abbie, and a Russian security guard (Oscar Isaac)

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