Time Magazine ad features madonna

Great new book

My friend Venny got me this incredible book called " the illustrated
biography madonna" by Marie clayton.
Inside it features tons of great images of madonna including rare
photos, and most importantly covers most of her major NYC appearances!
Really unique and must have
Check out just these two pages of madonna heading out and at a NBA
game back in 93, I have never seen the latter.
Thank you Venny, it's the best bday gift, :)

Madonna inside rolling stone 100 greatest

A new magazine is out now featuring the greatest artists of all time
and there is a two page section devoted to madonna, I haven't bought
it yet but if you have it, feel free to share it with the group!



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Madonna tops for GLEE

GLEE fans did NOT want a Lady GaGa episode. Tuesday's "BORN THIS WAY" episode was the LOWEST rated of the entire season. The MADONNA episode remins the HIGHEST rated "theme" episode ever .

thanks to john


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Madonna on the cover of Lucky Star Magazine

Download your copy of LUCKY STAR magazine, Issue 1

Its the first issue and if you want to see more issues coming, you can submit articles and stories to Amber at http://www.madonnaforinspiration.com 



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Madonna in NYC

Madonna to compose song for 'W.E'

Pop diva Madonna is set to practise her music ability in her directorial debut film " W.E", as she will compose a score for the film. 

"Madonna is working with William Orbit, who produced her synth-electronica album Ray of Light, but it will be quite an adjustment for them.Abel Korzeniowski, who composed the soundtrack to Colin Firth's movie 'A Single Man', is on hand to help," dailystar.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

The film is about the romance between American socialite Wallis Simpson and British royal Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry the divorcee. 

The movie is due to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France next month.

Madonna recycles her image and harks back to her Eighties style on classic Open Your Heart video with a hat | Mail Online



Must see video!

Check out this video on YouTube:


Great video showing how music brings people together, the power it has
and how positive it is.
Thanks brady!


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs comes to Madonnas defense

With Madge under fire over the failings of her Raising Malawi charity, one of the most important figures in economic development comes to her defense. Sort of.

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs has been called "probably the most important economist in the world," by the New York Times. Now head of Columbia University's Earth Institute, Sachs helped implement financial reforms in Bolivia and Eastern Europe before turning his focus to economic development in the poorest nations of Africa. He has also worked at Harvard and the World Health Organization, been special adviser to U.N. Secretaries-General Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon, and had a private audience with Pope John Paul II. It turns out he was also an important friend and adviser to Madonna and her star-crossed charity Raising Malawi.

Sachs traveled to Malawi with the pop star in April 2010 to attend the ceremonial laying of the first brick at the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. As it turns out, it was also the last brick: three months later Madonna's group stopped sending money to the project; within eight months the school had been formally abandoned.

Prior to the public collapse of the girls' academy project, Sachs—who helped launch Bono and Angelina Jolie's aid campaigns in Africa—had been a vocal supporter of Madonna's efforts. The singer reached out to Sachs before the January 2006 founding of Raising Malawi, after she read his book on economic development The End of Poverty. Madonna took Sachs out to lunch and invited him to one of her concerts. According to an August 2006 article in Time magazine,  Madonna also pledged $1.5 million to Millennium Promise, Sachs' charity that that grew out of his 2002 United Nations economic development report. With a goal to "end poverty in one community" by "improving the health, agricultural productivity, and education" it targeted 14 "Millennium Villages" across Africa. Madonna's donation was earmarked for the village of Gumulira, situated outside Malawi's capital of Lilongwe. Sachs praised Madonna's commitment to global philanthropy, saying the singer had "shown for the first time a real and continued knowledge and commitment" to aiding Malawi.

But despite the fact that Raising Malawi raised millions over the next few years—including $2.9 million at a Gucci-sponsored fundraiser on the north lawn of the United Nations that Sachs co-chaired in February 2008 – some or all of the $1.5 million pledged to Millennium Promise was paid by the Los Angeles-based Jewish mysticism group Kabbalah Centre, Madonna's spiritual home and official partner in Raising Malawi.

According to Mark Fabiani, the Centre's lawyer and spokesman, the Centre paid the pledge in installments beginning in 2006; the first two $300,000 payments came from the Kabbalah Centre and its offshoot Spirituality For Kids (since renamed Success For Kids). But even after Raising Malawi incorporated as a separate 501(c)3 tax entity and showed payments to Millennium on its tax returns, the donations were made "using funds received from KCI," according to Fabiani.

Raising Malawi's 2008 IRS filing lists a $600,000 donation to Millennium Promise. Yet Sachs' organization says only $300,000 was received that year.

Article - Shifrin Sachs MadonnaDr. Jeffrey Sachs and Madonna. (Photo: Ramin Talaie, Bloomberg / Getty Images; Mark Sullivan, WireImage / Getty Images)

Curiously, Raising Malawi's 2008 IRS filing lists a $600,000 donation to Millennium Promise. Yet the communications director of Sachs' organization, Erin Trowbridge, says only $300,000 was received that year. Raising Malawi representative Trevor Neilson told The Daily Beast that they reported the $600,000 figure "instead of $300K in 2008 and $300K in 2009" on the IRS filing, and said that they were "in the process" of issuing the fifth "missed" installment which was paid shortly after The Daily Beast's inquiries about these donations. As for Fabiani's claim that these installments were paid by the Kabbalah Centre, Neilson says, "these would be Raising Malawi funds that were earmarked in a KCI account."

The Kabbalah Centre, which is a registered non-profit religious organization, is now a focus of a federal probe, which may eventually answer some of the questions raised about its intermingling of funds with Madonna's charities, including the donations made to Millennium Promise.

When asked by The Daily Beast in a recent phone interview if he had "any regrets" about his involvement with Raising Malawi, Sachs paused so long he had to be asked if he was still there and offered no immediate answer. In response to a follow up email, Trowbridge issued the statement that "Professor Sachs was and is appreciative of Madonna's leadership to support education and poverty-alleviation in Malawi."

Barry Shifrin studies journalism at the City University of New York and provides research assistance to Wayne Barrett at the Nation Institute.


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NME magazine vote for Greatest Pop Act of All Time!


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Liz Smtih asks Lady Gaga to get a fresh idea and update on W.E.

SPEAKING OF religion, Madonna is at it again, releasing a "sacrilegious" song and video, challenging Catholic doctrines. Oh, no wait … I mean Lady Gaga and her new single "Judas" is the event raising a ruckus.
The Catholic League (essentially one guy, Bill Donohue) condemns the Lady and her music and winds up with: "Maybe if she had more talent we'd be more offended." I feel pretty sure this is a leftover from criticism of Madonna's "Like a Prayer."
Gaga, honey! You do realize that as talented as you are, the Big M did all this way back in the 1980's? This, and speaking out for sexual freedom, supporting the gays, etc?  I guess everything old is always new again to a new generation. But come on, Gaga — you are a smart cookie. Get a fresh idea.
* * *
SPEAKING OF Madonna, the former provocateur has been so deeply involved in putting the final touches to her film, "W.E.," that she has hardly seen the light of day. She spends hour after hour in the editing room, mixing the music, getting it "just right." This is typical Madonna. Even on her concert tours, she is always looking for ways to improve the show, and herself — right up to the last performance.
There is some talk that La Ciccone will return to the recording studio later this year. And just as I presumptuously gave Gaga advice, I'll do the same for my old friend Madonna. Another album? Great. But please, no more techno-infused dance music. Just sing. Some of us remember the old songs, and soundtracks to movies like "Dick Tracy" and "Evita."

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Acoustic version of BROKEN , demo

short clip has leaked!

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Kelly Osbourne Defends Madonna on Piers Morgan

the self depreciating Piers morgan had Ms.Kelly Osborune and Sharon Osbourne on his show, makes for some entertaining tv moments with 2 people who have publicly trash talked about Madonna and a young and smart girl with a brain on her shoulders stands up and puts them all in their place.
watch video here

M's former college roomie pens book

A gracefully written memoir filled with fascinating portraits of college days and coming of age and love of family — and what it means to be a woman in this celebrity culture. The narrative is rich, generous, and very smart. It's refreshing to spend time with this wonderful book."
Patricia Bosworth, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair

"When I met Madonna Ciccone, my initial assessment ... was that I had little to learn from any young whippersnapper from Michigan, safety-pinned earlobes or no."

So begins Whit Hill's compelling, revealing, funny memoir of her life, as reflected through the lens of her junior year at the University of Michigan — with her roommate Madonna. 
And it is also Whit's story of the years that followed, a life of dance, music, love, loss, and change.
This is a book about two very different women who lived alongside each other for nine months. About women artists in America, about mothers and daughters, about giving birth — to hot, squirming babies, and to huge, ionospheric pop careers. It is about loss and poverty and hope and happiness. And remembrance.  
To be published SEPTEMBER 2011

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Whit Hill was born and raised in New York City, where she trained as an actor and dancer, and graduated from The University of Michigan with a B.F.A. For fourteen years she was artistic director of a Michigan-based dance company. A writer and songwriter, she now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, musician Al Hill. She is the mother of two grown children. She is somewhat obsessed with dogs and watches too much television. (Author photo by Robin Dodd)

In the fall of 1977, when I came to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to enter the dance program at the University of Michigan, I thought I knew a thing or two. I had acted professionally in New York City, my hometown. I had posed nude for art classes. … I was a very modern girl.
When I met Madonna Ciccone, my initial assessment, even as I watched her leg soaring into an effortless front extension, was that I had little to learn from any young whippersnapper from Michigan, safety-pinned earlobes or no. I felt no instant flush of warmth and trust the day we met, no recognition of a kindred spirit — in fact all I recall feeling was an almost seismic wariness. But somehow, a few days later, she was my roommate. ... I never knew what hit me.
. . .
[On writing the book] The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the story of my knowing her has a lot to do with some themes I actually am interested in: women artists in America, fame vs. non-fame, life vs. life onscreen, and all the ways you can lose your mom.

So here's my dissertation. But first, I have a request:
Close this book and look at the title again. Read it out loud. Did you? Good. I just want to be really clear about what this is. If you are looking for the dirt on a pre-fame Madonna, there are quite a few volumes of literature out there that will meet your needs better than this one, that will tell you what you expect to be told. I am happy to share with you most of what I remember from that time — and quite a bit more — but it may not be what you are after. Madonna is a spoke in my wheel, a cog in my whirring factory. This book is a lot of things. And even though she's in it, this book is not about Madonna.
Whit Hill / Nashville, Tennessee

I get baptized in the holy waters of Madonna's Attention Thing one day late in the fall when Liz, the head of the department, invites all the dancers over to her house for a swimming party. Liz and her husband have a pool.
Madonna and I are very excited about this – a true mingling of the faculty and the students. We will eat good food, dance to funky music, swim in improvised bathing suits, talk about art with our teachers, and perhaps improve our chances for excellent grades.
… We have gotten to the point where we can pretty much talk about anything. And I am quite aware – and happily so – that Madonna has revealed herself to be perhaps the smartest person I know. That she is a good listener is part of her smartness. She seems genuinely curious about things, me included. …
Parties like this can be iffy for me – too much forced conversation, exhaustive smiling and hair-tossing. I'm really making an effort to change and having Madonna for a cohort helps. Whenever I try to weasel out of stuff like this, she nags me mercilessly. She should win some sort of fishwife prize.
And for the first half-hour of so, it's pretty fun. I have to say, it's nice to arrive together, for us to be seen as a unit – roommates. Friends.
And then… click.
It's hard to say if it's something she actually does, my roomie, or if it's just that I suddenly notice it: the way she becomes the focus of the room. I can't fault her for it – what happens is utterly organic, like the way cats watch canaries, the way stars move across the sky, the way people are interested in sex. And the attention spurs it on. At once, she is in her element, laughing, flirting, cussing, dancing at the center of a small crowd in the middle of an ordinary living room.
… it's her cute little destiny, stretching its wings.

What is it? Why do I feel like running, flying from the room?
Oh, looking back, there's no doubt about what I was feeling: pure, 100-proof, moonshine-quality jealousy. In the face of her power, her willingness to fail in the service of the larger goal, of her stark beauty and fuck-you drive, I feel like a pigeon, a gray, ordinary pigeon, scared to flapping by the sound of a distant backfire. But I sit there and sit there, song after song. We applaud politely after each one, sending flat claps ringing throughout the once-holy room, place of marriages, funerals, and sermons in ancient Hebrew, now home to my skinny ex-roomie, gyrating with a microphone in front of the band singing, "Whipping … Whipping, the wind is whipping me…"

That was the last time I saw Madonna.


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For Immediate Release-
Announcing our 10 year anniversary Celebrating Madonna with Madonnathons in NYC!
Check out our website, Madonnathon.com showcasing all our past events, flyers, photos and info on our upcoming party May1st! we can't wait to see you all there !!!

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Madonna rides bike sat

In london with the queen written on her back


Madonna biking to recording studio

Madonna in London, heading to abbey studios today

Do We Want Madonna for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard Remake? | Movieline


Madonna' play makes US debut

source: http://www.heraldonline.com/

The aptly named Edge Theatre Co. has no qualms about the productions it runs: It tries to push the envelope.

Edge Theatre's latest undertaking, "Madonna and Me," playing tonight and Sunday at South Pointe High School, is no different

Read more: http://www.heraldonline.com/2011/04/08/2972831/play-is-built-around-madonna-and.html#ixzz1IwIkGF15

This play isn't for everyone," said director Jimmy Chrismon, who is also a theater teacher at South Pointe High School. "Yet the themes are timeless, and I think that audiences will find a character or a situation that rings true to themselves."

Set to the music of Madonna's nearly 30-year career, the play is a coming-of-age tale that follows friends from their formative teenage years into early adulthood.

Madonna's musical and stylistic reinventions serve as a metaphor for the characters' growth, as their friendships change, and in some cases, fade away, as they grow older. Like the inspiration behind the play, the content takes risks. Chrismon compares the material to a PG-13-rated film.

It is the fourth play written by playwright Tommy Kearney, who flew from his native Great Britain to witness the American debut in Rock Hill.

Two years in the making

The play has particular sentimental value for Chrismon, a lifelong Madonna fan who has directed more than 100 plays. He worked with Kearney for nearly two years to see "Madonna and Me" come to fruition.

"The cool thing about this play is that Madonna isn't a character, just an ever-present influence on the characters, which also mirrors her impact on my life," Chrismon said. "Kearney has been incredibly gracious in collaborating with me on this production, and I can't wait for everyone to see the fruits of our labor."

Audiences can expect whip-smart dialogue, emotional moments and even a dance number, along with Madonna's 90s hit "Vogue." The South Pointe High School auditorium seats 1,500 people, but Chrismon set up nearly 75 on-stage seats to establish an intimate setting for audience and cast members to share.

Chrismon says you don't have to be a fan of Madonna's music to see the appeal of the universal truth which lies at the heart of the play.

"Friendship, love, acceptance and staying true to oneself are the main elements of the play," Chrismon said, "and in life as well."

Want to go?

"Madonna & Me" by Rock Hill's The Edge Theatre Co.

8 tonight and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday

South Pointe High School auditorium

Tickets, $15 for adults and $10, students and seniors. Tickets available online at theedgetheatre.org and at the door.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Raising Malawi.

For further information on the play, the actors, director and playwright, visit www.theedgetheatre.org and www.madonna-and-me.co.uk.


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Madonna hit hard by Guy baby news

All the young men in the world can't keep Madonna from thinking about her Guy Ritchie, and about him having a baby with another woman… 

While Guy Ritchie is off celebrating the fact he will be a father again, this time around with girlfriendJacqui Ainsley, his ex Madonna, has been devastated by the news.

The legendary singer, and not so legendary actress, Madonna has hit an all time low after hearing her that 29-year-old model Jacqui is having Guy's baby.

"Madonna said it felt like a dagger to the heart," says a source close to the star.

"She would desperately love to be in a relationship and have another baby, which makes Guys happy news all the harder to cope with. She didn't even phone him to congratulate him about the pregnancy."

Not being able to handle the stress, the singer – who had a biological son, Ricco, ten, and an adopted child, six-year-old David, with 42-year-old Guy, has apparently grown grouchy with those closest to her.

"Madonna has been incredibly hard to work with recently. She's low and feels more isolated than ever," adds the source.

The news come at a terrible time for Madonna, as the stigma of her age is finally catching up with her and she is starting to question her looks.

At 52, she's amazingly built a career spanning three-decades. She is best known for being sexy and flaunting her trimmed and toned fugue on stage.

But the fact that Guy has ditched her for a younger model and is starting a new family with a woman nearly half her age, has hit her really hard. She is letting the gossip eat away at her once mountainous confidence.

A source bluntly said: "Who is going to buy into her as a sex icon in a leotard at her age?"

Felling down, Madonna turns to the only person she feels she can really trust and rely on, not her string of of fellas, but her daughter Lourdes. But even this is a touchy subject for young Lourdes.

"Lola is at an age now where she thinks everything her mum does is embarrassing. Besides, a 14-year-old girl can't help with relationship advice," constitutes the insider.

Those close to the star believe that it all boiled down to the fact that Madge misses being in a proper relationship.

After splitting from Guy in 2008, she's dated along que of toy boys, including Brahim Zaibat, 24. But, predictably, nothing has lasted or turned into  a meaningful relationship.

In the recent months Madonna is said to have become a bit more reflective on the past. "She has kept on wanting more friendship from Guy than he could give, and she secretly hoped that his romance with Jacqui was not going to be serious.

"The last few years of their marriage were filled with sadness for Madonna because she was desperate to have another baby but it didn't happen."

source; http://wakeywakeynews.com/

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Andrew Lloyd Webber wants Madonna in Sunset Boulevard Remake

Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks Madonna would be a ''great Norma Desmond'' in a remake of 'Sunset Boulevard'.

Madonna is being pursued for a role in a remake of 'Sunset Boulevard'.

The 52-year-old star - who will soon release her directorial debut 'W.E.', a two-tier tale about the relationship between Britain's King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, and a modern day woman called Wally - is wanted by maestro Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber for a reimagining of the classic 1950 movie in the role of Norma Desmond, played by Gloria Swanson.

He told Piers Morgan: "I bet you this never, ever, happens, but you know who would make a great Norma Desmond on screen? Madonna.

"She's the right age. I've not got through to her. She hasn't taken my call this time."

Andrew previously worked with Madonna as the composer and songwriter on 'Evita' - about the life of B-list Argentinean actress Eva Duarte - for which he won an Oscar for Best Music and Madonna picked up a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress.

The original 'Sunset Boulevard' tells the tale of a screenwriter who scripts a story for a faded silent-movie star.

It won three Oscars at the 1951 Academy Awards, including Best Music.

Madonna picture

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