Madonna hit hard by Guy baby news

All the young men in the world can't keep Madonna from thinking about her Guy Ritchie, and about him having a baby with another woman… 

While Guy Ritchie is off celebrating the fact he will be a father again, this time around with girlfriendJacqui Ainsley, his ex Madonna, has been devastated by the news.

The legendary singer, and not so legendary actress, Madonna has hit an all time low after hearing her that 29-year-old model Jacqui is having Guy's baby.

"Madonna said it felt like a dagger to the heart," says a source close to the star.

"She would desperately love to be in a relationship and have another baby, which makes Guys happy news all the harder to cope with. She didn't even phone him to congratulate him about the pregnancy."

Not being able to handle the stress, the singer – who had a biological son, Ricco, ten, and an adopted child, six-year-old David, with 42-year-old Guy, has apparently grown grouchy with those closest to her.

"Madonna has been incredibly hard to work with recently. She's low and feels more isolated than ever," adds the source.

The news come at a terrible time for Madonna, as the stigma of her age is finally catching up with her and she is starting to question her looks.

At 52, she's amazingly built a career spanning three-decades. She is best known for being sexy and flaunting her trimmed and toned fugue on stage.

But the fact that Guy has ditched her for a younger model and is starting a new family with a woman nearly half her age, has hit her really hard. She is letting the gossip eat away at her once mountainous confidence.

A source bluntly said: "Who is going to buy into her as a sex icon in a leotard at her age?"

Felling down, Madonna turns to the only person she feels she can really trust and rely on, not her string of of fellas, but her daughter Lourdes. But even this is a touchy subject for young Lourdes.

"Lola is at an age now where she thinks everything her mum does is embarrassing. Besides, a 14-year-old girl can't help with relationship advice," constitutes the insider.

Those close to the star believe that it all boiled down to the fact that Madge misses being in a proper relationship.

After splitting from Guy in 2008, she's dated along que of toy boys, including Brahim Zaibat, 24. But, predictably, nothing has lasted or turned into  a meaningful relationship.

In the recent months Madonna is said to have become a bit more reflective on the past. "She has kept on wanting more friendship from Guy than he could give, and she secretly hoped that his romance with Jacqui was not going to be serious.

"The last few years of their marriage were filled with sadness for Madonna because she was desperate to have another baby but it didn't happen."

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