Madonna doesnt fit in daughter's shoes

Lourdes Leon says it "sucks" for mother Madonna when she can't fit in her shoes.

Madonna and Lourdes launched clothing collection Material Girl last year, and it appears the pair's similar taste in fashion is even closer than first thought.

Lourdes has famously been seeking fashion inspiration from her mother's wardrobe for years, but it seems Madonna doesn't just influence her daughter's style. She shares her garb too.

Lourdes finds it funny when her mother fails to fit into her footwear though.

"My mom doesn't fit into my shoes, so sucks for her," she joked in an interview with People magazine. "She's like, 'Oh damn, this doesn't fit on my feet.' I'm like, 'Oh really? That's too bad!'"

Lourdes loves to take fashion advice from her mother. The pretty teen says they bounce their style ideas off each other.

"We sort of balance each other out. I feel like I could work on it, and she does the same for me," she said. "We both give each other fashion tips."

Lourdes and Madonna recently celebrated their fashion line's first birthday with Kelly Osbourne - the current face of the brand.

The collaboration between the three stars is a complimentary one. Both Lourdes and Kelly find inspiration in each other.

"Definitely Kelly, and my mom definitely inspires me," Lourdes revealed when asked about her style icons. "She's just crazy when it comes to her fashion sense," before Kelly agreed with the sentiment.

"I actually learned a lot from my mother and growing up watching Madonna," Kelly gushed.

"[Lourdes] and Madonna do everything and that really reflects in the styles you see coming down the catwalk … it makes me really proud as well, because the line just keeps getting better and better."

Lourdes is thrilled with the brand's growth. At the line's first birthday party at Macy's in New York recently, the star gushed about its success.

"It feels so great," she said. "I never thought it would get this big and it makes me really proud, and my mom is really proud, too."



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