Madonna launching a new clothing line for adults!

Madonna is Launching a Fashion Label for Grown Ups! What Can We Expect?

Well, we guess this was inevitable. Following on from the success of Material Girl, Madonna is launching her second lifestyle brand, Truth or Dare by Madonna. According to WWD, the label is aimed at an older customer (women aged 27 to 50) in comparison to the Taylor Momsen types that her tween range with Lourdes targets. Yay for us!Over the past several years, I have been approached countless times to create my own brand,' Madonna says. 'The timing is right and I have found great partners in Iconix, who can help translate my vision to reality.' Yep, not content with being a pop sensation AND a movie director, Her Madgesty is proving her business savvy yet again by creating a line for grown ups. Smart move, missy. So has she caught the designing bug from her pals Dolce & Gabbana after posing as a foxy Sicilian housewife in their recent campaigns, we wonder? Perhaps the boys will be lending a helping hand in conjuring up lace-tastic black gowns and womanly corsets? You'll remember when the trio collaborated on a limited edition range of sunglasses, called MDG Sunglasses, proving that they're a match made in fashion heaven. Or MAYBE Madge was spurred on after seeing her fellow musician Kanye West showing his debut collection at Paris Fashion Week, not to mention Victoria Beckham's gob-smacking successwith her line...

But we digress. Back to the facts, so far we know that Madonna will be the face of the brand (obvs) and Truth or Dare will 'truly capture her essence'. Which means? It 'will be designed to showcase the duality of her image, a power icon intertwined with feminine beauty', according to WWD. A women's fragrance will be released next year followed by footwear, handbags and intimates — then who knows what's the next stop on the Madonna adventure!

Unsurprisingly, this has sent Grazia Daily into an excited flurry as we predict what sartorial treats the line will bring. It goes without saying that we're expecting to see our favourite Madonna motifs — think crucifixes, fishnets and sharp suits as opposed to sporty tracksuits and baseball caps. Thanks to her latest reinvention as a vintage queen since directing 'W.E', we're crossing our fingers for retro gowns and elegant sexiness. And — question of all questions — will there be a cone-shaped bra?! Aided by clues from Madonna's recent outfits, let's gather together our fash-pectations…

madonna gold corset

Bejewelled corsets

source; GRAZIA


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