Madonna party in NYC 11-12 review

Before the show began, a bunch of us,since we were first in line, were allowed to go in for a few minutes to see how the set up was inside, we saw the dancers rehearsing, it was amazing,and totally unexpected
(press shot taken of us, the first fans in LINE! Wendy, Jeannie, Venny, Amber, & Laurence )

also, while we waited to get back inside for the show to really begin, we were all singing madonna songs on the street
people passing by were all looking at us, a few hundred devoted fans gathered, so much LOYALTY all these years, we are truly DEVOTED .

I was in awe, she was smokin in her black coat, like a diva putting
it on and then taking off, of few times, she wore a black bustier with
a white blouse over it,thigh high , high heeled boots and teasing her
starting the night all the way in the balcony giving us all a heart
ache thinking tht she
would be there all night, far from sight, but when the show began, she
found herself in the middle of the the main stage Ina dramatic
entrance and gave us a ll a huge thrill, then made. Her way to where
we were all waiting , watching the dancers perform intently, she gave
us a brief look over and didn't like the fact that everyone was taking
her picture, I could read her body language and then confirmed it by
complaining about it, that was a first! She was trying to hide at one
point and called some guys over to sit next to her, to block our view!
I was like, what a diva, then she picked a winner in the dance off and
we thought she might leave but thankfully, she got a touch up by her
hair and make up artist so we knew she would still stick around
And I was sooo happy about that! Then she danced with her dancers Ina
circle. Again, not really in full view of the audience but more so for
the cameras for Smirnoff, for their promotion.
It was great to see madonna making her way over to her team of
collaborators, friends and boyfriend brahim, smoozing, drinking
champagn, chillin' it was something you don't get to see everyday,
madonna hanging out in NYC at a club , and your a spectator, it was
different that's for sure.
 (cheers sweety darling)
Then she made her way to martins booth and is made the night highlight
for me cause she was just having a great time dancing and playing and
singing part of her new single, l u v madonna! You wanna? Lol
She was so enjoying it, and we were all enjoying it, she told us to
clap, she made us dance , she played martins Hello, a favorit of mine,
Ny by jayzz and another favorite by adele, of cours she played her own
songs too! I never saw madonna do that before , work a dj booth and a
Afterwards, we saw her leave roseland still glowing with her daughter,
what a mom!
I couldn't have asked for a better night with friends,